SweepEx Broom Attaches to Any Mid- to Full-Size Pickup

SweepEx-Pro-900SWARREN, Mich. –SweepEx, a division of TrynEx International, offers the TPB-900S 90-inch Pro-Broom Truck Mount. Attachable to most brand name snowplows, the TPB-900S makes any mid- to full-size pickup truck into a year-round maintenance vehicle.

Ideal for cleaning up dirt, leaves, snow, standing water and general debris, the TPB-900S Pro-Broom Truck Mount is built with a 90-inch mainframe constructed of heavy-duty, 10-gauge hot-rolled pickled steel. The broom’s hitch replaces the moldboard of a standard snowplow and utilizes the existing quadrant, A-frame and hydraulics.

The professional-duty broom has eight poly brush rows for effective sweeping of countless materials and surfaces. The integrated crown and bristle arrangement produce a strong, resilient brush able to tackle tough material buildups or push large, heavy objects. Additionally, the dual-angle hood design helps shed dirt and debris, further enhancing the broom’s cleaning ability.

Designed for high productivity and minimum down time, SweepEx brooms are built with no moving parts, eliminating the cleaning and lubrication of sprockets and bearings typically associated with rotary-style brooms. Brush replacement is quick and easy with the unique brush-section replacement system. By simply detaching the rugged end protectors, the broom’s brush sections are easily replaced, rotated or removed.

The modular construction of the SweepEx line minimizes dust and flying debris, protecting the operator, machinery and work environment. The broom’s polypropylene brush sections offer both durability and flexibility. 

The TPB-900S Pro-Broom Truck Mount comes standard with edge markers and mounting hardware to adapt to most major snowplow setups. SweepEx also offers the TPB-720S Pro-Broom Truck Mount, which provides all the same features and additional hardware as the TPB-900S, but with a 72-inch mainframe size. Other SweepEx Pro Series models include the Pro 480 (48-inch mainframe), Pro 600 (60-inch mainframe) and Pro 720 (72-inch mainframe). These models come standard with a fork hitch and are available with three-point rigid and bucket-lip mounting kits.

SweepEx is a product division of TrynEx International. Other TrynEx brands include SnowEx, which is a line of material spreaders and other winter maintenance equipment, and TurfEx, which is a line of fertilizer spreaders and other turf care equipment. For more information regarding SweepEx’s complete line of broom attachments, as well as the SnowEx and TurfEx product lines, contact TrynEx International, 23455 Regency Park Drive, Warren, MI  48089, call 800-725-8377 or 586-756-6555, fax 586-755-0338, e-mail info@trynexfactory.com or visit www.trynexfactory.com.