THE BOSS Expands Lineup of Professional Snow Removal Equipment with Launch of New Box Plow – BX-12

IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich.  (June 22, 2010) — Following months of research and development at its new product testing facility, THE BOSS Snowplow introduces its first box plow designed for professionals seeking to remove large volumes of snow in a single pass, THE BOSS Box Plow – BX-12.  This new addition from THE BOSS boasts the quality manufacturing snow removal professionals have come to expect, along with some new features and capabilities designed to “push the edge” of snow plow innovation and design.

“We introduced this new box plow in response to growing demand from our customers, who wanted a quality box plow product made by THE BOSS for clearing large areas such as runways, parking lots and other expansive retail spaces,” said Mark Klossner, marketing manager for THE BOSS Snowplow.  “Many of our customers have come to rely on THE BOSS for their entire fleet of snow removal equipment, and having a product for their end loaders and tractors offering the same durability and reliability was something they viewed as key to their success.”

Easily attaching to the professional’s loader or backhoe, the Box Plow – BX-12 features a 12’ wide Sectioned Trip Edge featuring segmented cutting edges that allow each 8” cutting edge segment to trip individually.  This keeps the remaining cutting edges in contact with the surface and pushing snow for maximum efficiency.

Articulating End Plates are self-leveling to keep the scraping edge surface closely in contact with the pavement, reducing wear and tear on the shoe heel and the impact felt when an obstruction is struck.

THE BOSS Box Plow – BX-12 attaches with an easy-to-use Quickhitch system.  During plowing operations, a vertical hitch float lets the box plow slide up and down reducing wear and tear on the tractor, operator and plow. 

Many of the box plow’s new features were developed with extensive customer input and tested at the state-of-the-art product testing facility recently opened by THE BOSS at the company’s Iron Mountain headquarters.  Explains box plow Product Engineer Jared Alquist, “Our customers played a key role in helping to bring a superior product to market and provided valuable feedback.  In fact, many of the features added were the result of our ability to specifically design and adjust to hazards that mimic real-world plowing conditions at our new testing facility.”

Since 1985 THE BOSS Snowplow has made snowplowing efficient and easy with innovative products that set new industry standards for quality, reliability, craftsmanship and performance.  All BOSS Snowplows are designed, built and put to the ultimate performance test in Michigan’s rugged Upper Peninsula where winters — and deep snow — are a way of life.

THE BOSS snow-removal products and accessories are manufactured in an approved ISO 9001:2000 registered facility and are available to professionals and homeowners through the company’s nationwide network of distributors.  For more information on THE BOSS Snowplow and the full line of BOSS accessories, call 800-286-4155 or visit the company’s Web site at