The road equation: pay more get more.

More evidence of the obvious. This time from Michigan. A new report from the Anderson Economic Group  of Lansing says the state will lose 12,000 jobs if it cannot find enough matching dollars for federal funds. But …….

…. Patrick Anderson, the group’s CEO, said the study shows the state would see a net gain of 15,000 jobs if the state dramatically increases its transportation funding from its current level of about $2.1 billion to $4.4 billion.

Study authors say this could be accomplished by doubling vehicle registration fees and the state gas tax from 19 cents to 38 cents; the state gas tax has not increased since 1997.

This from’s report on the Michigan Chamber of Commerce-sponsored report. But stays away, at least overtly, from suggesting the chances of such changes. Looks like we remain stuck with the problem that users paying for the roads they use is a sound, workable and fair idea in reality but not in politics. Check out the story.