U.S. Bridge builds 50 all-bolted, vehicular truss bridges in six months

Since October of 2009, U.S. Bridge has built more than 50 new all-bolted truss and beam bridges in various locations throughout the world including an all-bolted Cambridge flat, galvanized bridge that was a kilometer long (3,280 feet).

The U.S. Bridge all-bolted vehicular truss bridge is comparable in strength and integrity to the proven, welded vehicular Warren Truss that has been fabricated by U.S. Bridge for more than 50 years. In general, an all-bolted structure is slightly less expensive than a welded structure, according to U.S. Bridge.

Due to the investment in new technology at U.S. Bridge, it now takes less time to fabricate an all-bolted truss versus a welded structure. The same strength and integrity attributes also apply for an all-bolted beam bridge as does the speed of fabrication. It is important to note that the all-bolted bridge system is delivered to the site in preassembled sections, the same as a welded bridge system.

On-site assembly takes no longer with an all-bolted bridge system than it would with a welded bridge structure.

There are many counties and states that prefer an all-bolted bridge system versus a welded bridge structure. The all-bolted bridge system is available in galvanized, self weathering and painted finishes.