How do you fill your potholes? Let us count the unconventional ways

It’s pothole patching season. But some people in North America aren’t waiting for the road crews to take care of these road cavities, as I like to refer to them, so they are being filled in unconventional ways.

A March 29, Chicago Tribune article pointed out these, uh, funny ways to fill them–from the DIY method, to filling them with lettuce and posting in the buff for a calendar to raise money.  

According to the report, here are some of the more interesting ways potholes have been filled:

•A band of Canadian residents in the Leader, Saskatchewan, area protested a pockmarked strip of highway by posing nude inside some of the worst potholes and featuring the images in a 2007 calendar. The provincial government ultimately agreed to fix the crumbling roadway. And the calendar sold 3,000 copies at $20 each, according to the Canadian Press.

•A New York highway supervisor who filled potholes for a living began photographing them as art in the early 1990s. One example: A black-and-white print of a pothole filled with lettuce and serving utensils — with pepper, oil and vinegar beside it on the roadway — was featured in his 1993 show at a SoHo gallery, the Associated Press reported.

•About 50 fed-up neighbors on the West Side of Chicago grabbed shovels, purchased sacks of asphalt and paved potholes near their homes as a protest of poor street conditions in summer 1979. They sent a bill to then-Mayor Jane Byrne.

•Fast-food chicken chain KFC last year spent thousands of dollars to help fix potholes in Kansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio. In exchange, more than 1,500 patched potholes were marked “Re-Freshed by KFC” in temporary chalk, according to the Associated Press, the Chicago Tribune reported.