Roadtec’s New Generation RX-400 Cold Planers

Roadtec_RX-400Roadtec introduced the RX-400 cold planer three years ago, and since then the machine has undergone a number of important refinements.

The machine had been introduced to fill contractors’ needs for a flexible cold planer with a cutter housing that won’t clog up with narrow cuts. The standard cutting width of the RX-400 is 48″ (120cm). An optional variable cutting system including  26″ and  36″  widths (66 and 90cm) is available,  as is a 60″ (152cm) cutting width package. Maximum cut depth is 12.5″ (320 mm). The unique RX-400 cutter housing design provides efficient material evacuation even with deep cuts in clog-prone, loose material. Efficient material evacuation prevents undue wear on cutting teeth and holders and improves productivity.

A redesign affecting the stability of the rear leg tube connection point was phased in soon after production began along with a number of other improvements related to performance and operator ergonomics.

Recent changes include a new bolt-on design for the right rear leg with a swivel pivot point for steering. Along with that change all key sizes on the machine’s leg tubes are now the same and have also been beefed up to increase life span. The RX-400 and the RX-500 both use a common key design now.

Several areas of the machine have undergone changes for ease of service and inspection. For example the rear anti spin valve and rear track drive bulkheads are much more accessible and bulk head fittings are being used now for track drive and endgate hoses to make hoses changes easier. Additionally the hydraulic system has undergone modifications to prevent excessive leakage at low speed under load.

The RX-400 cold planer features a 325HP (242 kW) Caterpillar C9 ACERT engine, and a maximum operating speed of 172 feet per minute (52 m/min.)