First thoughts, Las Vegas, World o’ Concrete

In Las Vegas for the World of Concrete week. First day suggests numbers will be down but no numbers yet. Last year we heard the same thing early in the show but later heard from some big name exhibitors that lower attendance was mitigated by the quality — read ‘buying power’ –of the attendees, i.e. less people but more decision-makers as a percentage of the crowd. Same thing a week later than the 2009 World of Asphalt. I’ll guess: there’s be a somewhat less happy ending this year.

Predictions for recovery have come to a popular conclusion from pundits here — it will be into next year before we can breathe out.

Concrete putting a lot of time into going ‘green’ so expect to start hearing more about sustainability frpom the conrete folks in the coming months.


Oh, and I hear the EPA is talkiing to the  concrete guys with the idea of trying to find a way to build a road made entirely of recycled material of sone sort or another.

Now, lunch.