Nucor RIB-BAK® U-channel Posts FHWA Accepted for Guardrail System Repair

NU_GUARD-Photo-2010-009cropMARION, Ohio (1/20/10) – Specially designed 5 lb./ft. NU-GUARD-27 Barrier System strong posts manufactured by Nucor Steel Marion, Inc. have been accepted by the Federal Highway Administration for use in lieu of W6 x 9 wood or steel I-beam posts when repairing sections within existing runs of 27-inch high W-beam guardrails. Now damaged guardrails that require new posts can be repaired faster and more economically.

The NU-GUARD -27 U-channel posts are designed with a ¾-inch wide slot starting 1-inch down from the top and running a total of 7-inches.  Standard guardrail hardware is used to attach the guardrail and high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic blockouts to the U-channel posts. 

Nucor Steel Marion, Inc., 5 lb./ft. posts offer several advantages over traditional wood posts. They stand the test of time without rotting or warping.  They are driven into the ground much faster and easier than wood posts. 

The Nucor steel posts are much less expensive than traditional I-beam steel posts. And the specially designed RIB-BAK U-channel posts are lighter and stack easily.  They take up less room in a service truck, and are much easier to handle and ship than either wood or I-beam guardrail posts.

This product was crash tested under NCHRP Report 350 conditions.  It is not approved as an alternative for guardrail end-treatments.