MasterMind no passing zone study

No Passing Pic1This leading study is needed by all agencies maintaining two lane highways. Aside from the protection from lawsuits, proper zoning makes your roads safer for the travelling public. With this study, all no passing zones will be accurately established. The study is easy to implement and immediate results are seen when the roads are striped.Job criteria, such as sight distance, intersection zones, and zone length within speed zones can be tailored to the agency’s own specifications.Comprehensive, easy to use, paper based graphic roadlogs are created using the MasterMind ® StripeMaster™ 6 software module. These logs are the most popular in the business making Tmarking, or indexing, the road a simple procedure. Graphical logs also display solid line totals per page and per road. Using these numbers, lineal footage, paint, and bead quantities can be easily calculated.MasterMind Systems, Inc. utilizes the two vehicle sight light method to establish no passing zones caused by vertical or horizontal curves. We utilize our own state of the art, patented MasterMind® vehicular computer system with RoadMaster™ software to perform the survey. Since 1987, this system has proven itself with surveys performed over tens of thousands of highway miles for hundreds of agencies around the country. Since a control point inventory is included with this study, RoadMaster™ is designed for the input of intersections, railroads, 1 lane bridges, two way left turn lanes, speed zones, and school zones. All data is collected in miles to the thousandth but can be presented in KM to the thousandth if desired.