Bridge company working with Michigan DOT to finish Gateway Project

The Detroit International Bridge Company (DIBC) is moving forward to complete its work on the Gateway Project with compliance of the court order, the company announced on June 22.

The company disagrees with the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) on some aspects of the design plans, but will work through design and construction issues with the court monitor and MDOT to complete construction by January 2012 as ordered by Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Prentis Edwards.

“Attorney Reginald Turner will help guide the DIBC through the completion of the Gateway Project,” said Detroit International Bridge Company President Dan Stamper. “If we run into problems Mr. Turner will meet with the MDOT attorneys, the court monitor, Judge Edwards, or anyone else he deems necessary to keep construction on schedule.”

The construction issues that DIBC is moving ahead to resolve include the following:

  • The SO-2 bridge which is the connection of the inbound truck traffic to the U.S. freeway system which is the most significant element of the court order
  • DIBC will convey company property to MDOT that will allow MDOT to move forward with the S-32 bridge connection to SO-2 bridge which connects to the U.S. freeway system
  • Relocation of the current outbound toll booths as ordered by the court
  • DIBC is confident it will complete construction prior to the court ordered date

There has been conflicting testimony by MDOT to the Court which has led to discrepancies in the design process for the project.

Despite this, DIBC is and always has been committed to moving forward to completion of the Gateway Project. MDOT completed new ramps from the freeway in May 2009, yet it refuses to open those ramps while blaming DIBC for the truck traffic that travels through the community. It is time that MDOT opens those ramps and fulfills the promise of direct access to the Ambassador Bridge.