Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute appoints new board members, exec committee

The Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI) has elected two new members to its Board of Directors at the CRSI 87th Annual Business meeting.

Anthony Errico, sales manager of Nucor Steel, was elected to serve as the board representative from the Atlantic Region. Brice Wager, vice president/general manager of Gerdau Ameristeel, will serve as an at-large member of the board. The new board of directors members will serve a three-year term.

Additionally, at the Annual Business Meeting the 2011-2012 CRSI Executive Committee was elected by the Board. The Executive Committee now includes the following:

Chairman: John P. Simmet, Simcote

Vice-Chairman: Mathew Brace, CMC Americas

Secretary/Treasurer: Michael Deis, Dayton Superior Past Chairman: Robert J. Stone, Nucor Steel At-Large Members: Chris Casey, Bec-Don; James (Pete) L. Diggs, Gerdau Ameristeel

“Our new Board members with their experience and insights on the concrete reinforcing steel industry will provide fresh opportunities for CRSI to continue to be a leader in the industry and a benefit for the members,” said Robert J. Risser, President and CEO of CRSI.  “We value the needs and opinions of all our members and strive for diverse representation on the Board so we can continue to serve all segments of our industry.”