The FFC Snow Push by Paladin Construction Group attaches to skid steers, backhoes, compact wheel loaders and traditional wheel loaders to efficiently move large volumes of snow without leaving windrows. Available in widths ranging from 6 to 16 feet, it can move up to 21 cubic yards of snow at one time. An optional Pull-Back Kit cleanly draws snow away from buildings, fences and confined areas, creating a more effective snow removal process. In addition to snow applications, the FFC Snow Push can be used for waste water, manure, feed lot and food cleanup. The FFC Snow Push is available in 127 Series, 3600 Series and 4800 Series models.

Pro Tech Untitled 1Pro-Tech’s rubber-edged Sno Pusher containment plows perform best in wet, heavy snow, allowing the rubber edge to squeegee the surface clean, says the company. The plows have heavily supported frames and no moving parts, helping their durability. The rubber edge provides both hardness and flexibility, and they are manufactured using a continuous extrusion process. This means the rubber resists tearing, and it upholds a tensile strength greater than 2,000 psi, which is more than twice the strength of molded rubber alternatives, says Pro-Tech.

Exos Untitled 1The E90X plow from Assaloni, now being distributed by Viking Cives in the U.S. and Canada, is a one-front-plus-one wing plow. The system’s central oscillation system is patented, and the suspension system features electronic controls that allow the plow to float so the blade can follow the road profiles and wear evenly. Also notable is the plow’s telescopic elements, hydraulically controlled extendable blades that at can work in close, extended and all lengths in between.

Highway Equipment’s (HECO) Hi-Way Xzalt Precision Applicator features a directional spinner, broadcasting mixed material on to one, two or three lanes to reduce time, fuel and miles travelled. The applicator delivers a 70:30 ratio of dry/liquid material, which reduces salt usage and accelerates ice melt. The spinner system can be adjusted from the cab and an enclosed chute with adjustable height allows it to fit various trucks.

Guardian Untitled 1The Guardian system from Vaisala is a non-invasive Road Weather Information System, or RWIS, that enables the user to remotely monitor road conditions in real time. The system is capable of detecting the first ice crystals that develop on the roads monitored and relays frost and snow information. Visual confirmation of all measured conditions and levels of traffic is provided by the Guardian’s camera. The stem is a “do-it-yourself” installation and allows the data to be collected without slot cutting or lane closures. The system was recently awarded the 2009 Idaho Transportation Department Excellence in Transportation Award for its partnership with the agency for its Road Weather Information System Build Out program.

Brine X Untitled 1BrineXtreme’s automated, self-cleaning brine maker and blending system continuously separates waste material from salt and deposits to outside of the machine in a solid form via an auger. A stand-alone automated salinity control and on-demand blend system may be fitted into any system. Featuring a 6,000-gallon-per-hour production rate, the modular system has industrial-grade components and a precise measurement and control system.

Cargill Untitled 1Cargill Deicing Technology’s ClearLane enhanced deicer is used to pre-wet salt to make it better adhere to roads and start melting ice faster. The deicer also continues working at temperatures where salt typically becomes ineffective, says Cargill. Because the residual effect continues working after the initial application, fewer applications are needed.

Doosan Untitled 1Doosan DL200TC tool carrier features an optional quick coupler that makes it easy to switch between attachments. The parallel-lift linkage system provides excellent visibility down the center of the lift arms, allowing the operator to see the area in front of the machine when placing loads, which is especially important in winter maintenance applications. Four forward speed ranges provide maximum speeds of 4.1, 7.5, 14 and 21.7 mph. Three reverse speed ranges offer maximum speeds of 4.5, 8 and 15.5 mph.

Sears Untitled 1Sears Ecological Applications Company’s (SEACO) Ice B’Gone is a dark brown, sweet-smelling liquid with a molasses-like texture and viscosity that is either mixed with rock salt or applied directly to the roadway. The product contains low molecular weight carbohydrates (LMWCs), which are essentially sugars such as molasses, high-fructose corn syrup, or distillers and brewers byproducts. The deicer, composed of organic-based, non-toxic, agricultural products, is chemical free and environmentally friendly – and recently received a Design for the Environment (DfE) recognition from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Hd Plows Untitled 1The HD Plows from Sectional Sno-Plow, part of Arctic Snow and Ice Control Products, work with wheel loaders, backhoes, skid steers, tractors and telehandlers. Constructed of durable steel, the patented moldboard design features individual 32-inch-wide sections, equipped with independent, spring-loaded trip edges. Each section of moldboard responds to changes in the pavement, and moves up and down on its own, allowing the plow to contour to uneven surfaces and reduce the amount of snow left behind to re-plow. The plow’s patented Slip-Hitch system is standard on every HD plow. The system automatically and continuously adjusts the plow to the pavement grade, resulting in fewer missed areas and less follow-up plowing. To eliminates damage to the plow, equipment and operator, the HD plows feature bolt-on mechanical side panels.

Volvo Untitled 1Volvo Construction Equipment’s G900 family of motor graders, used for snow removal applications, are built on two distinct but integrated platforms. The seven models in this family of motor grader included the Volvo G930 (34,830 pounds), Volvo G940 (36,150 pounds), Volvo G946 (38,140 pounds), Volvo G960 (38,690 pounds), Volvo G970 (41,660 pounds), Volvo G976 (43,650 pounds) and the Volvo G990 (48,720 pounds). Each Volvo motor grader features Tier 3-certified Volvo engines using Volvo Advanced Combustion Technology (V-ACT).