DisposaCone revolutionizes worksites with new larger disposable cones

DSCN60362Law enforcement and safety personnel helped inspire the creation of their new 17-inch tall DisposaCone, created by Vanguard ADA Systems. Made out of renewable resources, DisposaCone is an innovative temporary barricade that easily supplants the traditional rubber cone, perfect for virtually any jobsite or public place. Best of all, it’s inexpensive, disposable, and recyclable.

Snohomish, WA (PRWEB) April 14, 2009 — Vanguard ADA Systems, founder of the original DisposaCone (https://vanguardonline.com/disposacone/), introduces a larger, 17-inch DisposaCone made out of renewable resources that provides a weather resistant, portable and temporary barricade to law enforcement personnel, construction workers and the general public. DisposaCone’s have true staying power due to their adhesive base which allows them to stick to almost any surface. A strategic die cut notch in the top of the cone allows the user to easily restrict access with caution or crime scene tape as well.

When Vanguard created the world’s first disposable traffic barricade (https://vanguardonline.com/disposacone/faq.html) called DisposaCone, it was a novel concept that caught on quickly. At 14-inches in height, DisposaCone’s were designed to stick to any dry hard surface and even a few smooth damp ones.

To follow-up on its first successful release, Vanguard created a larger, 17-inch DisposaCone with greater visibility, while still being recyclable and made from renewable resources.

Both sizes fit in most motorcycle saddlebags, and both will stick to any dry hard surface, horizontally or vertically. All DisposaCone’s are also available with reflective tape for increased nighttime visibility.

When law enforcement and safety personnel needed an improved cone, they looked to DisposaCone to design a multiuse cone (https://vanguardonline.com/disposacone/faq.html) to fit their daunting needs. Police needed markings denoting inches or millimeters for “perspective photos”. Other safety personnel needed white space to write notes on so they could use DisposaCone’s as directional markers in disaster situations where “trail locators” could indicate the way back or, as importantly, the proper way “in” to safety personnel that followed. Both changes gave the new product a more traditional look of a standard traffic cone, but with features regular cones simply weren’t capable of providing.

Jon Julnes, President of Vanguard Inc., said: “DisposaCone was developed because so many had a need for a light weight temporary barricade (https://vanguardonline.com/disposacone/why.html) that wouldn’t blow away in the wind to protect current work, while still being cost effective enough to be left onsite while they went on to other projects.”

Between driving them from location to location or risk getting them stolen if left overnight, Julnes said jobsite workers realized that traditional rubber cones were an expensive proposition. The inexpensive, yet highly effective, DisposaCone (https://vanguardonline.com/disposacone/why.html) resolves these and other problems.

Julnes asks: “Why waste money and labor transporting expensive heavy cones around when you can get the same job done easier and cheaper with no loss of effectiveness with DisposaCone?”

Along with other requests, DisposaCone received inquiries to make the product last longer in the elements and to be stiffer in windy situations. DisposaCone designers came up with a simple no cost solution: Place an indent in the material so the product could be crimped vertically when needed, stiffening the product in wind and making it more durable in rain. Today, thanks to those changes, DisposaCone’s can withstand heavier rains up to four days.

DisposaCone’s can virtually go anywhere the user can with 17-inches of reflective highly visible, portable, disposable, and easy to use traffic marker. Sized perfectly to fit motorcycle saddlebags, emergency preparedness kits, construction trucks, buses, mail carriers and the like; 25 easily fit under most car seats. Instead of clogging freeways and wasting valuable resources picking up products that aren’t even as valuable as the resources spent to retrieve them in the first place; DisposaCone’s save contractors, police, and anyone using cones space, time, and money.

Current retailers are Berrien Springs Parts Mart, Berrien Springs, MI and Priority One Emergency (http://priority1emergency.com), Livonia, MI. For more information or to purchase DisposaCones, visit www.DisposaCone.com.