Husqvarna launches revamped Website

Husqvarna Construction Products has launched its revamped Website.

From technical specs and how-to guides learning about innovative products and accessories, the new site has it covered.

Several key features include the following:

• An interactive tool guide that helps contractors find the perfect diamond tool, depending on the material to be cut.

• Upgrades to the equipment pages include technical specifications, tool recommendations as well as accessories and other related products. With all the information located on one page, contractors know

they will select the right tools and accessories for a particular model instead of having to visit multiple pages.

Contractors will also be able to compare different models to find the one that best fits their needs.

• The FAQ pages on diamond blades and bits allow contractors to troubleshoot through various situations.

• An ‘Innovations’ tab highlights various technological developments by Husqvarna that sets our  equipmentapart from competitors.

• ‘How to Guides’ are available on several pieces of equipment and walk through safety, set-up, operation, maintenance and how to perform specific cutting techniques. These are supplemented with  videos for quickreference.

To view the revamped Website, go to