TCC Fly-In: Increase the Pressure!

TCC-Fly-In and ARTBA Federal issues program just getting underway. Should be a dandy. I’ll be Tweeting and updating this blog.

There used to be a star on television who asked his audience to “keep those cards and letters rolling in folks.”

These next three days, Monday-Wednesday May 23-25, I would ask you to do just that. Although let’s use today’s technology and stick with email and phone calls.

The TCC Fly-In will send lobbyists, association leaders, manufacturing CEOs and other executives, contractors, labor, environmental and state leaders up to Congress to push, face to face, for a new surface transportation bill. The industry must have this. Must.

So add you weight. As little as it may appear to be at first glance, personal pressure from electorates does have a big role to play. While our representatives listen to powerful people in their office with one ear, the other ear is tuned to the electrorate. More so in voilatile poloiticail times such as these.

Let’s stick to a positive message. Tell them how many jobs you could create and how many you could save, how much work could be done, how much infrastructure in there district could be improved  and/or made safer.