Petrocon launches national tire program for its members

Petrocon Corp. has launched a national tire program to its members.

In the first month of introduction, nearly 200 members enrolled into the program, by a world’s top tire producer.  With the program, Petrocon members become part of a 24/7, emergency roadside assistance within two hours of placing the emergency call.

Other program services include suspension, drive train, alignment and service work through dealers and service centers nationally.

Joseph D. Giovinazzo, president and founder of Petrocon states, “Petrocon members are excited about the anticipated savings and operational benefits the tire program has to offer.”

Petrocon members are national in scope, and this program offers consistent pricing across the U.S. to Petrocon members.

Giovinazzo expresses his concern on how the tire industries’ challenges are impacting construction companies.

“The tire industry faces tough challenges with rising costs and product allocations along with product shortages,” Giovinazzo says. The impact is harder on the off-the-road (OTR) tires, but shortages are also affecting commercial truck and trailer tires.  Market conditions favor sellers, not buyers. We are getting close to reaching a point where the questions are not about price, but rather, availability of certain tire sizes. Availability is becoming a major growing concern.”

Petrocon, a wholesaler of commodity materials gains it strength by leveraging commercial and industrial businesses in the aggregate, mining, cement, and heavy-duty trucking industry sectors.

Originating, as a commercial petroleum-buying group comprised of construction companies, Petrocon leverages buying efforts to purchase lubricants and antifreeze nationally through a wholesale buying platform. Today, Petrocon has expanded its services to provide an avenue for construction companies to leverage buying efforts for lubricants, antifreeze, tires, energy, and wireless expense management.