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Pothole Patching Equipment

Bagdal Untitled 1Bagela USA’s Bagela BA10000 can recycle 10 to 12 tons per hour. The hot mix for patching and street repair can fix patches and potholes permanently with recycled hot-mix asphalt. According to the company, the average cost of recycled hot mix is less than $25 per ton. This saves on cold patching, which is often close to $100 per ton, according to Bagela USA. The Bagela BA10000 recycler comes standard mounted on an oversized double-axle trailer for portability. It is also available with self-propulsion or frame mount for a static installation.

Bergkamp Untitled 1Bergkamp’s all-in-one FP5 Flameless Pothole Patcher reduces material waste with its insulated 5.1-cubic-yard electric-heated hopper that keeps asphalt at a constant temperature and pliable for an extended period of time. The patcher’s standard 140-degree material chute can be locked at different height angles and in 15-degree side-to-side increments. An optional swing auger system provides additional flexibility. The truck-mounted unit’s electric-heat system uses an onboard hydraulic-powered AC generator to warm the full-length, electric-heating elements. These elements produce consistent material heating throughout the hopper, eliminate hot spots and minimize potential safety problems associated with propane or heating oil. The thermostat allows the temperature to be set to match the material being transported. The system can be plugged into an external power source to keep material at the proper temperature overnight or over a weekend, reducing material waste and providing flexibility when filling the unit. To see the patcher in action, go to

Metro Untitled 1The Metro Melter Applicator from Cimline has a hose carrier that the company says reduces operator fatigue by supporting the weight of the hose. A splash-proof door protects the operator when loading sealant blocks. An auger-assisted agitator provides even heating of sealant. The sealant pump is readily accessible for maintenance. An Auto-Start feature provides worry-free heating and updates status of critical functions. The unit’s After Burner II reduces emissions from heated sealant by using an ignition system to burn off excess fumes generated from heating the sealant to optimum temperature. A propane burner is positioned in the kettle’s vent and sensors prevent gas from flowing to the burner if it is not fired. A material level indicator keeps operators informed. The applicator is available in 165-, 275- and 425-gallon capacities. An optional air compressor and dual-heated or nonheated material hoses are also available.

Crafco Untitled 1Crafco’s Magnum Spray Injection Patcher effectively repairs potholes, deteriorated shoulders, utility cuts, fissures and alligator cracked areas. The Spray Patcher cleans the area to be repaired, applies a tack coat, coats the aggregate with asphalt emulsion and then applies the mixture, in one continuous operation. Coated aggregate material is compacted during application, leaving virtually no voids in the final pavement repair.

Durapatch Untitled 1DuraPatcher’s DuraMaxx pothole patcher is a truck-mounted unit that uses a patented design with cab-mounted control, allowing operators to patch from the truck cab. The patcher incorporates a 7-cubic-yard aggregate hopper box, a high-volume blower and a heated emulsion tank. Using a spray-injection technology, the machine’s nozzle provides compressed air to blow out debris and water, emulsion tack coat, emulsion/aggregate mix and dry aggregate to prevent vehicle tracking. Although the DuraMaxx is a one-man operation with in-cab joystick-operated boom, truck-and-trailer-mounted two-man systems are also available. DuraTanks also store emulsion onsite. For a video showcasing DuraPatcher’s DuraMaxx, go to

Pbv Loader Untitled 1PB Loader’s Hybrid Pothole Patcher, developed in conjunction with International Truck & Engine and Eaton Hybrid Power Systems, has an electric hybrid generator and battery system that is said to reduce fuel consumption and harmful emissions. The patcher’s engine is shut off at the jobsite and, during operation, the patching equipment runs off the hybrid battery rather than truck engine. This can reduce fuel consumption 30 to 60 percent with less engine idle time. The patcher’s insulated, heated asphalt box keeps asphalt hot and usable all day. The unit is available in truck-mounted, trailer-mounted, hook-up and slip-in models.

PythonThe Python 5000 Pothole Patcher is claimed to be the only one-person operated pothole patcher that uses hot or cold asphalt to produce permanent patches. It cleans the pothole with a blast of air, applies tack oil, delivers a precise amount of asphalt and then compacts it. The average pothole can be patched in about two minutes while the operator stays safely in the cab, allowing for patching in nearly all types of weather. For a video on the pothole patcher, go to

Infrared heaters from Ray-Tech can be used to repair potholes, create decorative asphalt imprinting, repair utility cuts in roads, fix birdbath depressions, repair trenches, keyholes, runways, bridge decks, road drainage and many other types of work.

Infrared1The SealMaster Crack Pro Heated Hose Machine is ideal for hot-pour crack sealing. Material is ready to apply within one hour. The unit is an oil-jacketed melter/applicator featuring all diesel power. Both the burner and the engine are powered by diesel fuel for maximum safety, efficiency and performance. The Crack Pro Heated Hose machines are available in 125-, 200-, 260- and 400-gallon tank capacities.