Roadtec Rolls Out New Addition to its Soil Stabilizer/Reclaimer Line

Sx 5The new Roadtec mid-size SX-5 soil stabilizer/reclaimer features a 540 hp (403 kW) CAT® C15 engine. It joins the larger 700 hp (522 kW) model in the company’s line of stabilizers/reclaimers. The SX-5 complies with Tier 4 and Stage IIIb emission standards 

The SX-5 Soil Stabilizer/Reclaimer comes with a 96” (244 cm) wide cutter drum and weighs in at less than 60,000 lbs (27,200 kg). The ability to deliver up to 398,000 in.lbs (45 kNm) of torque to the cutter makes this a powerful yet nimble machine capable of a true cutting depth of 18” (46 cm). Four cutting speeds and right-hand flush cut allow the contractor to use the SX-5 for a range of projects including stabilizing, pulverizing, or cold recycling. The generous height of the cutter housing combined with the ability to move the drum up or down in the housing allow optimal material trough-put and thorough mixing in the cutter housing.

 ith fuel capacity of 300 gallons (1136 L) the SX-7 can run at full horsepower for 12 hours without the need to refuel. Air intake for the cooling package is located in a clean area atop the machine. The air filtration system uses a pre-cleaner plus a dual-stage air filter with service indicators.

The operator station in the fully enclosed, climate-controlled cab is located on a platform at the front of the machine. The cab is capable of extending 18” (46 cm) past the right side of the machine or can retract to a position flush with the side of the machine. The seat assembly in the cab can swivel up to 90° for increased visibility.

Water and emulsion systems and other options are available.

Roadtec is an Astec Industries company located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA.