Minimizer Fenders adding value in winter

Snowtruck 05Winter’s icy grip continues to hold much of the country. It’s the toughest time for trucks, trailers, equipment and cargo.

According to the American Public Works Association, 70 percent of municipalities in North America utilize liquid de-icers on roads. De-icers are formulated using corrosive chemicals that damage any metal they come in contact with.

Historically, simple rock salt has been the most practical, cost-effective ice melter. But with salt alone not being effective below 15 degrees Fahrenheit cities have turned to a combination of solid and liquid substances. The so-called “brew masters” now mix liquid chemicals such as calcium chloride and magnesium chloride with a base of salt brine.

These solutions attack metal. The chemical components of the mixtures will migrate into and onto any area of your truck. Any metal component is susceptible to corrosion from these substances. Including metal fenders.

Truckers need to mitigate the damage caused by various de-icing materials. Start with Minimizer fenders and brackets.

Minimizer fenders will add value to your truck in the winter and year-round:

1. Minimizer fenders are non-metal. They won’t corrode, need paint, fade, rust, crack or need polishing. De-icing materials, no matter what the concoction, will not hurt these fenders.

2. Combine the Minimizer fender with the Minimizer poly brackets and you’ve got the best combination of durability in the industry. The brackets are made from a similar material as the fenders.