Maxima Technologies exhibiting 8 instruments, displays and sensors

Maxima Technologies & Systems, LLC, a full-service global electronics and software company that specializes in custom-engineered and standard vehicle instrumentation, controls, components and systems for severe-duty applications, will be exhibiting eight innovative and durable instruments, displays and sensors at ConExpo-Con/Agg, March 22–26, 2011 at Booth H-30522 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Maxima’s electronic instrumentation, machine controls and sensors can be customized for vehicles used in a variety of severe-duty applications, including off-highway, industrial, truck and bus, specialty vehicle and generator set controllers (gen-sets).

The following products will be displayed at Maxima’s booth at CONEXPO:

Deluxe Multifunction Display (D-MFD) — Maxima’s D-MFD is designed to interface with electronic engines using the SAE J1939 format. Lightweight and small (6.26 inches x 4.57 inches), it can be installed with integral sealed connectors.

The advanced, fully-sealed display, housed in a high-impact, weather-resistant enclosure, is shock and vibration resistant, ideal for severe-duty environments. Users can set critical parameters in the field via intuitive, easy-to-use push buttons and get real-time, critical diagnostic information. The display also processes analog inputs like fuel level and pressure. Other features include a large, easy-to-read LED backlit LCD screen, and LED alert indicators.

3GEC Instrument Cluster — The clusters can be easily configured in either SAE J1939/CAN or analog formats, with integral LCD or dot-matrix displays and warning lights. Electronic clusters use stepper motors for improved reliability and optimal packaging. The front-sealed 3GEC instrument cluster, ideal for small to moderately-sized construction vehicles, features a full-size tachometer with LCD hourmeter and 12 status indicators. OEMs can customize status indicators, the overlay and dials.

World Compattino Cluster — The front-sealed World Compattino cluster is an effective monitoring solution for compact tractors, utility and specialty vehicles, and entry-level off-highway equipment. In addition to two over-size gauges for maximum visibility, the unit features a combination digital hourmeter and tachometer, and can be configured for eight indicator lights. This cluster includes an integral connector and popular electrical matches.

5GC Instrument Cluster — This compact cluster, designed specifically for large construction equipment (CE) and specialty vehicles, as well as off-highway vehicle applications, has four gauges — including a tachometer, speedometer, hourmeter and odometer — and eight warning lights. The 5GC Instrument Cluster, which can be configured in analog or CAN formats, is front-sealed and features an integral connector, popular electrical matches and non-lit pointers. A 7GC cluster, featuring two more gauges, is available.

8GC Instrument Cluster — This cluster, suitable for large truck and CE vehicles, features a full-size tachometer and speedometer. It can be configured for analog or CAN formats, and also has an “AVLT” option.

Gen-III IntelliSensor Electronic Fuel Sensor — This totally sealed, corrosion-proof self-calibrating fuel sensor continually and automatically adjusts for any type of fuel, including diesel #1, diesel #2, biodiesel and gasoline. The sensor continues to operate effectively even if used in a vehicle that sits idly in storage. It can sense for level or volume and because it has no moving parts, this highly reliable electronic sensor does not wear out and can be easily installed. It still continues to perform even when installed on an angle of up to 30 degrees.

Mini Multi-Function Display (M-MFD) & Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Gauge — Maxima’s M-MFD is a compact display that is easy to install (it fits in standard tach 3 3/8” opening) and easy to use: It incorporates a user-friendly CAN J1939 interface and can be programmed from the field. Designed for severe-duty applications, the unit can be configured with intuitive menu control that has 50 stored parameters. The DEF gauge, which can be connected directly to the vehicle bus network—no instrument controller or gateway required—can be used for engines with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) tanks.

Fuel Senders: LCC/Non-Contact Fuel Level Sender – This affordable unit can last millions of cycles even when exposed to hot and contaminated fuel; it can be used in Tier 3/Stage IV engines, whose heat can reach higher than 210 degrees, which could burn traditional fuel senders. It’s compatible with biodiesel and has a patented “friction-free” design with BIC durability.