Vacuworx Global’s Barrier Lift has four to one 7,500-pound safe-working load capacity

Vacuworx Global Barrier LifterVacuworx Global Barrier Lifter

The Vacuworx Global Barrier Lifter, based on vacuum-based technology for heavy-duty lifting equipment, is designed for use with a large variety of host equipment in confined spaces with mobility restrictions. Off-loading and installation is extremely fast, which significantly reduces turnaround time and ground personnel – and both personnel and equipment have a dramatically reduced amount of time of exposure, according to the manufacturer.

The lifter can work effectively with all sizes of barriers and has a four to one safe working load capacity of 7,500 pounds. The lifter is completely self-contained with an integrated diesel engine and operates with a matched tolerance gearing system that permits optimum operation for both the engine and vacuum pump helping to create maximum continuous output and longer run life.