Cool Hard Hat, Inc. Introduces Innovative Air Cooled Hard Hat

Cool Hard Hat, Inc. based in Tulsa, OK, the developer of the revolutionary Cool HardHat™, an air-cooled hard hat able to reduce heat stress while increasing comfort for workers, announced the release of the Cool Hard Hat™ at the Tulsa Pipeline Exposition 2010 on September 2. Now available for the first time the Cool Hard Hat™ helps stay cooler and end the work day with more energy. President Jim Welsh stated, “I am excited about the prospects for the Company’s proprietary product, and I felt this Exposition would be an excellent opportunity to showcase the hat”. “The pipeline industry is certainly one where lots of hard hats are used, and the Cool Hard Hat™ can provide a degree of comfort to those working in this field. We had enormous interest in the Cool Hard Hat™ from attendees.”

About the Cool Hard Hat

The Cool Hard Hat, Inc has the patent on the only air-cooled hard hat available. The Cool Hard Hat’s two fans are powered by 4 AA rechargeable batteries (with recharger built into hat).The fans blow air on the back of the neck and top of the head at a rate of over 8 cubic feet of air per minute and lowers the interior temperature of the hard hat by more than 20 degrees. Watch the video on the website to see the incredible cooling demonstration. . The fans enhance the natural evaporation cooling process and helps workers stay cool, fight fatigue and increase productivity. Vented hard hats are now obsolete as the popular cooling option. The hat can run up to 10 hours per charge of the batteries. The Cool Hard Hat™ meets all OSHA and ANSI standards.

Visit for more information. The website has a video detailing a heat lamp test and the incredible heat reduction for hard hat wearers. Purchase yourvery own Cool Hard Hat™ from the website.