Cool Hard Hat, Inc. Introduces an Innovative Air-Cooled Hard Hat

HardhatCool Hard Hat, Inc. based in Tulsa, OK introduces its improved Cool Hard Hat, an air-cooled safety hard hat able to reduce heat stress while increasing comfort for workers. The Cool Hard Hat is helping workers stay cooler and end the work day with more energy. The new model of the Cool Hard Hat will be introduced at the Tulsa Pipeline Expo Show September 2, 2010. The heat stress display at the Show demonstrates the incredible cooling effect of the Cool Hard Hat.

The Cool Hard Hat is a revolutionary pantented air-cooled hard hat developed by Tom English, a general contractor for over 30 years. English claims than in all of his years and experience in construction, The Cool Hard Hat is the best tool he has ever used and couldn’t imagine having to work without it. The rechargeabe batteries (with the recharger built into hat) power two fans to blow air on the of the neck and top of the head at a rate of over 8 cubic feet of air per minute. This lowers the interior temperature of the hard hat by more than 20 degrees. Watch the Video on the Company’s website to see the incredible cooling demonstration. The natural evaporation cooling process helps workers stay cool, fight fatigue and increase productivity. Vented hard hats are now obsolete as the popular cooling option. The hat can run up to 12 hours per charge of the batteries and can be recharged overnight.

The Cool Hard Hat meets all OSHA  and ANSI standards and is Intrinsically Safe.