Don’t just sit there, vote for something important

Vote CheckmarkGot a note from AED, and it’s a timely reminder that potential voters sometimes need to be turned into actual voters. We all know the credibility chasm with many, many people who say they are going to vote but don’t.

AED works closely with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on many key issues of primary importance to equipment dealers, manufacturers, and suppliers to our industry. And AED reminds us that no matter what industry lobby groups try to do, “success often depends on who is ‘on the bus’  in Congress.”  Focusing on key Senate and House races, AED and the Chamber have carried the message that economic growth and a vibrant free enterprise system are fundamental to the cause of creating jobs, prosperity, and opportunity for all.

AED President and CEO Toby Mack says that making sure pressure on Congress to do the right thing for industry and business actually leads to results, ” rests on one remaining essential ingredient – making sure that the business community and those who support and believe in American enterprise and economic freedom turn out to vote in this critical election.”

The Chamber  has produced an important get-out-the-vote video message, It’s worth checking out to find ways you can make a difference not just when you vote, but by getting potential stay-at-homes into voting booths this November 6.