ALEXANDRIA, MINNESOTA, – VariTech Industries introduces a major advancement in the safety of transporting liquids over the road…TANK TAMERS. TANK TAMERS are 15-inch, polyethylene baffling balls that, when inserted into a liquid tanker, will virtually eliminate the liquid surge that results when a vehicle starts, stops, or corners. TANK TAMERS are compatible with a variety of liquids, with the exception of dairy and petroleum-based products, and only consume 1.5% of the tank’s overall holding capacity.

“Over the road truckers and firefighters are aware of the potential hazards of liquid surge associated with transporting liquid loads. We are pleased to introduce TANK TAMERS as a helpful solution to this sometimes dangerous situation,” said Benjie Schoenrock, Product Manager, VariTech Industries.

“Made of high-density polyethylene with no ferrous inserts, TANK TAMERS are heavy duty, yet lightweight. With no metal components that could corrode or break, the concern over load contamination that can cause pump and plumbing failure is eliminated. TANK TAMERS’ quick and easy assembly makes retro-fitting a tanker an easy task,” adds Schoenrock.

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