Case Smart Digging Systems components include coupler, bucket teeth system

Case Construction Equipment’s Smart Digging Systems components, introduced at World of Concrete 2012, include new pin-on buckets, coupler buckets, the Case Multi-Fit Coupler and the SmartFit bucket teeth system.The pin-on buckets are designed for heavy-duty, high-capacity applications such as digging in dense soil, clay, loose rock and gravel. Available models include the following:Case Excavator Digging System Nrp 0312

  • Heavy-duty buckets with a rugged cutting edge and durable horizontal wear strip.
  • Severe-duty buckets featuring rugged T-1 or AR400 steel in all high-wear areas, along with double bottom and horizontal wear strips and thicker edges for improved durability and strength.
  • Heavy-duty, high-capacity buckets with 20-percent higher capacity than standard, plus the heavy-duty design features of the other buckets.
  • Ditching buckets with a formed back wrapper for enhanced loadability and production along with tapered sidewalls for easier dumping of sticky material.

The Case Multi-Fit Coupler offers complete hydraulic latching, enabling excavator operators to quickly attach and detach buckets and other components without leaving the cab. A patented mechanical blocking system eliminates manual safety pin insertion.

The universal design of the coupler enables Case excavators to connect a wide range of Case and other OEM buckets and attachments within the same size class, the manufacturer says. A hydraulic check valve and mechanical blocking bar help prevent the accidental release of an attachment.

Designed for the Multi-Fit Coupler, the coupler buckets feature integrated bucket pins to prevent any loss of breakout force that might otherwise occur when using a coupler device. Available in a wide range of sizes, the coupler buckets work in either the backhoe or face positions for optimum versatility. Their design results in quicker, more complete fills.

The SmartFit bucket teeth are now factory-installed, standard equipment on the manufacturer’s buckets purchased with all full-sized and mid-range excavators. However, additional SmartFit equipped Case buckets are available as well as upgrades for older model buckets. The bucket teeth are available in several configurations including those for general purpose, rock chisel, heavy penetrator, tiger, twin tiger and flare teeth.