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Slipform Pavers

Gomac Untitled 1GOMACO’s two-track or four-track GP-2400 can slipform widths up to 24 feet. Powered by a 174-horsepower, 6.6-liter turbocharged Caterpillar diesel engine, the travel speed on the two-track GP-2400 is 105 feet per minute, and up to 96 feet per minute for the four-track paver.

The machine is also equipped with the exclusive GOMACO G+ control system, programmed in multiple languages, with self-diagnostics for grade and steering. A “run” screen on the control panel illustrates the various aspects of the paver. It includes leg positioning, steering, travel information, grade information and more. The paver features the GOMACO 3100 Series open-front mold and a telescoping frame that provides extra versatility in width changes. The GP-2400 provides contractors with a range of paving widths up to 16.5 feet with the standard telescoping frame and paving widths up to 24 feet with frame inserts. Ten vibrators and 16 vibrator circuits are standard on the GP-2400. It has the T-Beam mounting rail for accurate and quick mold positioning, quick mounting, and quick removal of the mold on the jobsite.

To learn about GOMACO’s 4400 Barrier Paver for right-side and left-side slipforming that will debut at the 2012 World of Concrete in Las Vegas this month, go to our New Road Products section on page 39.

Wirtgen Untitled 1The Wirtgen SP 15 concrete slipform paver is a multipurpose machine for offset paving. The compact machine has a maximum paving width of 6 feet, maximum barrier/parapet placement height of 4 feet 3 inches, and weighs 27,500 pounds. According to the manufacturer, it has best-in-class trimming capacity, quick on-site changes for left- or right-side pouring, unsurpassed jobsite mobility, and pours the tightest, smoothest radius in the industry with all-track steering and positioning. The SP 15 also features an Eco mode that matches engine rpm to machine power requirements. Different-profile molds can be mounted on the left or right side of the paver without the need for time-consuming machine conversions. The two front-track units can be chosen in pivot design, while the rear track unit can be chosen with mechanical or hydraulic adjustment to either side. Options such as trimmer, concrete feeding via belt conveyor or auger conveyor, and electric or hydraulic vibrators make the machine flexible. The compact, overall dimensions of the SP 15 also allow for easy transport.

Wirtgen also makes the SP 25 slipform paver that has a maximum paving width of 12 feet and maximum barrier/parapet placement height of 6 feet.

Phoenix Untitled 1The Phoenix 7500 from Phoenix Curb Machines/ConTech International offers curb-and-gutter functions for a single operator from three different positions. It has a 3-foot radius with 24- by 72-inch carbide auger grades around tight turns. The machine, being unveiled at World of Concrete this month in Las Vegas, features below-grade pouring and a pouring speed up to 50 feet per minute, with a travel speed up to 200 feet per minute. Engine options are 60 to 85 horsepower. An expandable hopper varies from 18 to 60 inches.

Sf Untitled 1The SF-1700 compact slipform paver from Power Pavers can pave up to 21 feet wide and was developed to react to the contractor demand for two-pass paving in many highway applications. The frame of the SF-1700 is based on Power Paver’s current leading machine, the SF-2700. By reducing the engine size and main frame width, Power Pavers was able to make the SF-1700 a more compact, economical alternative for contractors to pave highways in two passes. Standard equipment on the SF-1700 includes a 160-horsepower Cummins engine, spread auger and tamper bar, and 12 Wyco vibrators. Editor’s Note: This machine was named one of Better Roads’ Top 20 Rollouts of 2011