Volvo’s ECR25D short swing radius excavator delivers high breakout, tearout forces in compact machine

Volvo_ECR25DVolvo’s ECR25D short swing radius excavator, introduced earlier this year, offers the breakout and tearout forces of a large machine with the maneuverability and ease of transport of a compact machine.

With an operating weight of 5,489 pounds, the 2.5-ton ECR25D achieves a breakout force of 4,554 pounds, a short arm tearout force of 3,885 pounds and a long arm tearout force of 3,291 pounds — greater than the combined breakout and tearout forces of the 2.8-ton ECR28 it replaces.

The excavator has a maximum digging reach of 14 feet, 8 inches for short arm and 15 feet, 8 inches for long arm, and a maximum digging depth of 8 feet, 7 inches for short arm and 9 feet, 1 inch for long arm.

A Tier 4i engine delivers 20.9 horsepower to the machine and lowers operating costs with its optional auto-idling system by reducing engine speed when controls are inactive for more than five seconds.

The advanced hydraulic system on the ECR25D helps boost productivity and enhances digging performance, while a flow sharing main control valve increases cycle times and a load sensing variable displacement piston pump delivers flow on demand.

The excavator’s cab features a large access area and clear floor space, an adjustable seat and ergonomic armrests. A proportional roller and joystick control slew and offset movements, while large hydraulic travel pedals provide hands-free track control and a two-speed travel function allows the machine to downshift for more effort. Three-point entry and roll over protection (ROPS) come standard. The excavator can be equipped with a Volvo cab or canopy.

Volvo ensured the ECR25D is easy to service and maintain by placing all check points at ground level and grouping them under a wide-opening, lockable hood. A multi-function hydraulic oil filter/filler protects the hydraulic system and provides early detection of oil pollutants, and the machine requires greasing every 50 hours.

In addition to ease of maintenance, Volvo made the machine easy to transport from site to site with a total transport weight of 3.5 tons.

Volvo’s optional CareTrack remote telematics system — which offers geo-fence, geo-tracking, engine on/off status, hourly reports and more — is also available for the ECR25D excavator.