FDOT re-calculates yellow light duration to increase safety

(Photo: Mike Sheehan / Flickr)(Photo: Mike Sheehan / Flickr)

Following a bit of controversy over the yellow light durations at red light cameras in Florida, the Florida Department of Transportation has announced that it will re-calculate the amount of time yellow lights are active, according to The Florida Times-Union.

FDOT plans to add four-tenths of a second to select red lights in the state. The average yellow light at a camera-installed traffic signal in Jacksonville, Florida, lasts about 4.09 seconds. The statewide re-calculations will take place at traffic lights both with and without cameras.

Mark Wilson, FDOT traffic operations engineer, said the agency is performing the re-calculations in an attempt to decrease rear-end crashes and to give slow-reacting drivers more time to brake for changing lights.

Wilson plans to host a roundtable this month at the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials annual meeting, where participants will discuss the re-calculations.