The Stan Span

Stan Musial (Photo: Bleeding Yankee Blue)Stan Musial (Photo: Bleeding Yankee Blue)

Will Stan the Man become Stan the Bridge?

Illinois and Missouri are disagreeing over what to call a new bridge over the Mississippi River at St. Louis, the region’s first span across the river in more than four decades.

The Missouri folk want to name it after the greatest of all of baseball’s Cardinals, Stan Musial, and in Illinois the vote is for Veteran’s Memorial Bridge.

As compromisers point out, this may not be that difficult. After all, the three-time MVP, seven-time batting champ, Hall of Famer and Presidential Medal of Freedom-winner Musial was also a Navy veteran from World War II.

But compromise, also known as diplomacy, may have to wait a while. Work on this bridge was delayed for quite some time as the two states bickered. This could get interesting.