LaHood applauds repurposed Macomb Transit Center

Macomb Transit

Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood told Better Roads in May 2011 that he’d like to see American jobs created by “taking some shuttered industrial plants and opening them with American workers.”

Nearly a year later, LaHood’s dream is finally coming true.

LaHood took to his blog today to discuss the opening of the Macomb Transit Center in western Illinois. The new transit center, located in LaHood’s birth state, was repurposed from a shuttered porcelain factory.

The Macomb Transit Center, a 70,000-square-foot facility funded in part by both the U.S. Department of  Transportation (DOT) and the Illinois DOT, will serve as a maintenance and training hub for McDonough County transit.

“That’s a terrific way to preserve local history and create a home for McDonough County’s thriving transit program,” LaHood writes.

(Photo: Fast Lane)