Do you drive one of the 20 ‘most-ticketed cars’ in the United States?

Writing a ticketWhen I first read this list in CNN’s Money online section, I was pretty sure that my minivan (which is far from new and has certainly seen better days and cleaner times), didn’t make the list.

After going through the list, yep, I was right. I’ve had a lead foot at times, but it’s good to have it reconfirmed that I’m officially not being targeted for tickets.

If you have a cooler vehicle than mine (Hey, my swagger wagon serves its purpose, but I’m the first to admit, it doesn’t top the list of cool cars!), check to see if you’re on the list.

The Subaru WRX is one of these cars. According to the CNN Money report, 33.6 percent of owners said they had recently received a ticket when owners of this vehicle were contacted by the news agency for a quote. The Pontiac GTO is also listed. The CNN Money report notes that 32.7 percent of these owners say they have recently been ticketed when they were asked for a quote.

Here is a look at the other 18 most-ticketed cars: (Is your car listed?)

It looks like I’m pretty safe (except for my sometimes lead foot) driving my minivan!