The 9 most embarrassing car colors


Do you care what color your car is painted?

According to the results of a survey, a large percentage of people would not drive a purple, bright yellow or orange car.

However, the survey shows that nearly the same percentage of people say their distaste for the car’s color depends on the type of car.

See the list of the most embarrassing colors below:

  1. 1.  Depends on the car: 38%

  2. 2.  Purple: 17%

  3. 3.  Bright yellow: 16%

  4. 4.  Orange: 13%

  5. 5.  Brown: 5%

  6. 6.  Gold: 5%

  7. 7.  Green: 2%

  8. 8.  Bright red: 2%

  9. 9.  White: 1%

Here’s how came up with these percentages: commissioned a survey of 1,500 licensed drivers, who were shown a gallery of 12 images of vehicles. Participants were asked to rate each vehicle as embarrassing or not, then to rate their top three choices, most embarrassing first. The Cringe Score assigned point values to all 1, 2 and 3 rankings, then standardized them to a 1 to 10 scale.