Thomas Grinding Launches New “TR-2000-SC” Rumble Strip Grinding Machine

TR2000SC-Press-revOur high production rumble strip machine that will allow you to compete with the big boys has arrived. It has greater grinding capabilities and speed than our smaller SS-200 model. For over 17 years, we have designed and manufactured rumble-strip grinding machines for the highway industry.  

Since 1993, we have been “sinking our teeth” into asphalt and concrete, exposing our equipment to the severest of conditions, throughout the world. We are confident and truly believe it is one of the finest rumble strip machines on the market today.

In addition, it has the features you need.

With this rugged machine, you’ll be able to grind shoulder rumble strips as well as centerline rumble strips.

When clean-up time comes, it makes quick work of maintenance and storage. The TR-2000-SC machine easily detaches from the tow vehicle.

The TR-2000 is capable of production rates of 130 feet per minute (1.5 miles per hour) in asphalt. (Production rate is affected by the hardness of asphalt and other job conditions.)