IronCraft Launches 4-N-1 Bucket Power Rake for Skid Steers

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IronCraft 4N1 Power Rake on skid steer pushing dirt
The 4-N-1 Power Rake has all the functions of a four-in-one bucket plus a power rake for landscaping jobs.

IronCraft’s 4-N-1 Bucket and Power Rake for mini and full-size skid steers can dig, load, grab and back drag as well as prepare the soil without changing attachments.

The Power Rake has carbide tips and a smooth-edge bucket; a bolt-on edge or welded teeth are optional. Users who opt for bolt-on teeth for more aggressive digging can raise the grapple and use the back side of the bucket as a smooth edge. 

As an example of the attachment’s versatility, IronCraft, formerly known as Titan Implement, presents the example of reconditioning a gravel road. The power rake conditions the soil and pushes the largest rocks forward, leaving behind a smooth surface. The rocks can then be scooped up and removed with the bucket, which can also be used to place additional gravel in areas where needed — all without changing attachments, the company says.

You can also evenly spread material, using the power rake as an auger.

IronCraft 4-N-1 Power Rakes are available in widths of 66, 72, 78 or 84 inches. The power rake has a standard 7.5-inch-diameter drum with a direct-drive motor and side cutters.

The rake requires a hydraulic flow rate of 15 to 25 gallons per minute. A universal wiring harness is available as 7-pin, 8-pin or 14-pin. 

To watch the 4-N-1 Bucket and Power Rake in action, check out the IronCraft video below: