Crush, Break, Pulverize with These 11 Demolition Attachments

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Cat Pulverizer breaking concrete
Cat P224 Secondary Pulverizer

When it’s time to break up pavement, cut out rebar and scoop up the remains, these 11 attachments are designed to do the job.

Caterpillar says it new generation of primary and secondary pulverizers (photo above) delivers up to 52% faster cycle times and 21% higher force than previous models. The line consists of three new models with 360-degree rotation: P318, P324 and P332, and three new fixed secondary models: P218, P224 and P232. Both pulverizer series fit 18- to 50-metric-ton machines. They feature the company’s SpeedBooster technology that quickly closes the jaw when there is no load and automatically switches to power mode when it comes into contact with material to be crushed.

Nye pulverizer excavator attachment demolitionNational AttachmentsNye’s concrete pulverizers are primarily designed for crushing operations. They can also be used as secondary processors for precision picking and sorting of reclaimable materials. Precision meshing incisors allow the operator to accurately separate reinforcing rod from concrete, the company says. A forward-loading design enables it to act as a shovel to scoop up and sort through debris piles. Offered through National Attachments, they have a life expectancy of 20,000 hours, the company says.

Hydraulic breakers

bobcat nitrogen breaker e35 excavatorBobcatBobcat’s nitrogen breaker attachment is designed to obliterate concrete, rock and asphalt surfaces faster. It features a long piston stroke to increase impact energy and reduce recoil. It requires minimal maintenance and reduces wear on the carrier, the company says. Grease points are within easy reach. Its unique valve design reduces pressure fluctuations and strain on the carrier’s hydraulic pumps, Bobcat says. The single lower bushing is designed to simplify repairs on the job. It is compatible with Bob-Tach and X-Change mounting systems.

Danuser Hammer CB40 compact loader breaking concreteDanuserThe Danuser Hammer Model CB40 Concrete Breaker is designed to demolish parking lots, foundations, sidewalks, curbs and more. It has a 40-inch drop hammer design that breaks up to 9-inch-thick reinforced concrete. It achieves a full stroke with every cycle, delivering 82,000 pounds of impact force, the company says. An anti-dry fire feature prevents unnecessary firing. The CB40 Breaker Kit can be added to convert to a concrete breaker. It includes a 500-pound breaker attachment and additional hardware for assembly.

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Epiroc SB 102 hydraulic hammer breaking concreteEpirocEpiroc says its premium SB/SBU series hydraulic breaker attachments are the industry’s only breakers to come standard with an integrated water port for dust suppression, for complying with federal silica dust rules. SB/SBU series breakers are developed for use in construction, tunneling, dredging, demolition and pile driving. They are designed to reduce noise and vibration. They are compatible with carriers of 0.7 to 24 tons for compact excavators, backhoes, skid steer loaders or demolition robots. 

Hydro Ram HK300S Hammer breaking rocksHydro Ram HammersHydroRam Premium Series Hammers feature long piston strokes to increase impact energy. They also include an underwater-enabled port for underwater operation. The Auto-Lube and grease channel provide grease to bushings automatically to ensure proper lubrication. Stroke and blow speed can be controlled by cylinder adjuster. An anti-blank firing system is standard on the Premium Series. The power cell is fully enclosed for protection, and the hammers are constructed of wear-resistant materials. 

Komatsu JMHB-V breaker series excavator breaking rockKomatsuKomatsu’s JMHB-V breakers are compatible with the company’s excavators, from the PC210 up to the PC490. They are 100% hydraulically fired and their impact force and frequency can be adjusted to up to 16 working positions. The breakers are also fitted with an energy-saving recovery valve that recuperates energy to drive efficiency. The breakers also match the piston stroke and length to the material’s hardness for energy efficiency. Standard features include automatic greasing, advanced blank firing protection, swivel hose couplings and heavy-duty housing. 

NPK GH7 hydraulic hammer breaking concreteNPKNPK Hydraulic Hammers are available for skid steers, backhoes and excavators ranging from 1.2 to over 120 tons. Features include a gas-charged piston, a simple design of only two moving parts, anti-blank firing, separate ports for auto lube system and airline for underwater use, replaceable cylinder sleeves, quick-change tool system and a variety of tool configurations. Options include hammer-mounted or carrier-mounted auto-lube systems; narrower, enclosed brackets to decrease operating noise; and dust suppression for small models in enclosed brackets.

Rip and grab 

Virnig V60 LCG grapple pickup debrisVirnig

Virnig’s largest grapple, the V60 LCG, is designed to pick up large items and uneven loads with a skid steer or compact track loader. It features two independent jaws that open to over 5 feet to clamp uneven loads and handle large amounts of debris. Cylinder guards come standard. The skeleton bottom and back give the user better visibility and allow soil to fall through. The grapples are available in two sizes of 72 or 84 inches. 

Werk-Brau Rock RipperWerk-BrauThe new Werk-Brau Frost and Rock Ripper features a single-point tooth engineered to pre-rip pavement, frozen ground and other tough soils that exceed a buckets recommended duty. The ripper can also remove rebar, stumps and roots. It is constructed of T-1 steel in critical and high-wear areas and has rigid gussets for extra rugged applications, with upper gussets and shank engineered for harsh conditions. Werk-Brau Rippers are available in single- or dual-tooth designs and with various tooth options and fit excavators from compact to 70 metric tons. 

scrap baler attachment Pettibone Carry-Lift 2041PettiboneThe Pettibone Cary-Lift 204i rough-terrain forklift can be equipped with a scrap baler attachment for handling debris and materials in demolition and recycling applications. The Cary-Lift 204i features an overhead lift arm that gives the operator full front visibility when lifting or transporting loads. The Cary-Lift forks can tilt down 90 degrees for specialized lifting tasks. The 204i is powered by a 200-horsepower Cummins Tier 4 diesel engine and has a maximum load capacity of 20,000 pounds and max lift height of 16 feet.