Oregon Man Narrowly Missed by Runaway Concrete Saw Blade

Loose saw blade barreling across a parking lot
A screenshot from the surveillance video shows the loose saw blade barreling across the convenience store parking lot.

An Oregon man is lucky to be alive after a runaway saw blade struck the wall of a convenience store, moments after he walked inside.

Surveillance footage shows Shane Reimche, 43, walking into the Quick Trip Market in Eugene, Oregon, on March 28, when a large concrete saw blade shoots across the parking lot from a nearby construction site. (Check out footage of the incident in the video below.)

The blade lodged itself deep into the store’s wall, just inches away from the main entrance that Reimche had walked in seconds earlier.

Reimche told OregonLive that as he approached the door, he heard a worker yelling and then a clanging noise. “By the time I saw it coming, it was maybe a second, if that, before it slammed into the building.”

"All of a sudden, we heard a loud bang, and my mom was like, 'Someone ran a car into our store,’” Quick Trip Market owner Amit Gerwail told KVAL. “I ran outside and looked everywhere and just saw a big blade."

A contractor who witnessed the incident told ABC7 the blade may have gotten loose due to a lost bolt or potential operator error. The City of Eugene will provide an insurance estimator for the store's insurance claim.

Reimche works in construction and says the emotional distress from the incident may prevent him from returning to work. He told reporters he’s had trouble sleeping, waking up every 30 minutes in a panic.