Worker dies following floor collapse in Michigan

Updated May 14, 2015

A worker part of a crew performing renovations on an older building in Ypsilanti, Michigan, died earlier this week following a floor collapse.

According to a report from the Ann Arbor News, the worker and three others were clearing the building’s basement for an excavator to be brought in on Monday when the floor above them collapsed.

Three of the men escaped the ordeal uninjured, but the fourth was trapped beneath not only the collapsed first floor but also a pile of wood that had been resting atop it.

Rescue workers arrived to the scene soon after and pulled the worker out in about 20 minutes, the paper reports. He was pronounced dead on arrival to the hospital.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating the collapse.

The incident marks the second partial building collapse in just more than a week involving stacked materials. In St. Louis, two demolition workers were trapped beneath a wall collapse likely caused by the pallets of bricks they were salvaging from the job. Fortunately, the two men were pulled to safety by their co-workers.