Mandatory change to California OSHA labor poster requires immediate action

The California Department of Industrial Relations released a mandatory change to the California Occupational Health and Safety Administration (Cal/OSHA) labor poster.

The updated Cal/OSHA poster now includes a free worker information hotline number — +1-866-924-9757 — for the California Department of Industrial Relations.

Minor address changes also were made to the headquarters and district offices, as well.

The law was mandated on Feb. 26.

While these may seem like small revisions, they are

mandatory. That means all California employers must display the updated posting or risk fines for non-compliance.

As the poster indicates:

California law provides job safety and health protection for workers under the Cal/OSHA program. This California labor poster explains the basic requirements and procedures for compliance with the state’s job safety and health laws and regulations. The law requires that this poster be displayed.