Donaldson’s XRB cleaners offer greater engine performance, fuel efficiency

Donaldson’s XRB family of air cleaners increase engine performance and offer greater fuel efficiency with plastic housing for smaller, lighter air cleaners.

The XRB line is useful for off-road equipment operating in medium-dust conditions and engine airflow ranging from 255 to 630 cfm. The air cleaners can tolerate temperatures ranging from -40 degrees to 180 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 degrees to 82 degrees Celsius).

The XRB family of cleaners includes three models. The XRB08 models have non-metal primary and safety filters while the XRB10 and XRB12 models’ primary filters have metal outer liners.

The compact, radial seal, two-stage air cleaners come with built-in mounting brackets and easy-access cover latches for easier filter service. Standard housings include primary filter, safety filter and filter service indicator port.

For more information on the XRB family of air cleaners, visit Donaldson’s website.