How can the stimulus package work for state and local goverment?

You can find out on Wednesday, Feb. 25.

The Federal Highway Administration, the American Traffic Safety Services Association, and the National Association of County Engineers are hosting a free Webinar, “Stimulus Program 101: Making It Work for States and Locals,” (click here for details) to guide highway and bridge professionals about how to make the most out of the stimulus package money.

Topics include the following:

  • Overview of the final stimulus bill. Presented by Laura Dennis, drector of government relations, American Traffic Safety Services Association.
  • Implementing the Stimulus Bill in Your States and Localities. Presented by Joseph S. Toole, Associate Administrator for Safety, Federal Highway Administration and Harlan Miller, Team Leader of Planning, Planning Oversight & Stewardship Team, Federal Highway Administration.
  • How the funds will be funneled down to the states and local governments.
  • Where to go in your state for assistance in accessing those funds.
  • A brief overview of the federal-aid processes that apply to these projects and the key areas to which you will need to pay particular attention will be presented.
  • A discussion will follow on how these funds can be used for safety projects and other system improvements, as well as contracting models that could be used to accelerate that process.

Webinar materials you’ll get to take home:

  • A summary of the stimulus bill targeted specifically at the needs of local governments and their contractors.
  • Sample of contract packages that have been used to accelerate programmatic improvements in States and local areas.
  • Low Cost Local Road Safety Solutions.
  • FHWA Link to Stimulus Information:
  • FHWA tools and resources to get your questions answered.
  • “9 Safety Counter Measures Quick Reference Guide.

To sign up (space is limited), go to