Online language courses help to bridge language barriers

NCCER has partnered with constructNet International of Phoenix, Arizona, to provide instructional online language resources for the construction industry to help bridge language barriers between employers and employees. The first series, Construction English for the Spanish Speaker, contains five courses. These courses will cover basic terminology related to employment, employability skills, construction and safety. The first course in this series, Introduction to Construction English I, will be available in September. Other courses in this series are Introduction to Construction English II, Intermediate Construction English I and II and Advanced Construction English. These courses are expected to release throughout 2008 and 2009.
This program is designed to improve communication at work sites between Spanish-speaking and English-speaking employees. Whether asking for tools or clarifying instructions, employees will learn key phrases and increase vocabulary in an easy-to-learn online format. Participants can log in anytime and anywhere there is access to a computer and the Internet. An orientation on how to use the computer and the Internet is also included.
A second series, Construction Spanish for the English Speaker, consists of one course aimed at foremen, supervisors, crew leaders and administration and should be available in fall 2008. The primary purpose of this course is to ensure clear communication between all parties involved and to increase safety awareness at the job site.
In addition to the development of the Internet-based language courses, NCCER has developed other Spanish-based curricula and assessment resources. A current listing is available at .