Lower profile compact wheel loaders deliver more stability
Yanmar’s V-Series compact wheel loaders offer reduced overall height to improve loading/unloading operations and stability. A fully automatic drive mode allows the 6,750-pound V3-6 and 7,651-pound V4-6 to accelerate smoothly and change gears with no operator input. A fixed speed mode keeps the loaders in low gear regardless of the accelerator pedal position. A Yanmar TNV 3-cylinder, water-cooled diesel engine with 30.3 horsepower powers the V3-6 and the V4-6 uses a 40.4-horsepower version. Lifting capacity is rated at 5,760 pounds for the V3-6 and 7,451 pounds for the V4-6.

Backhoe acts as three machines in one
With four-wheel drive, an integrated main frame, a heavy-duty rear axle and multiple wet disc brakes, Kubota’s M59 power utility tractor loader backhoe manages tough digging jobs with ease. The M59 has a 12-foot digging depth, a bucket digging force of more than 7,600 pounds and a dipper digging force of 4,731 pounds. High capacity hydraulic pumps enable the handling of stone, gravel, sand, silt or clay. A 59-horsepower, three-vortex combustion system diesel engine allows more airflow into the combustion chamber and improves efficiency.

Excavators’ engine modes can lower fuel consumption or increase torque
Perform landscaping, light residential and underground utility work with Hitachi’s ZX75US-3 and ZX85USB-3 compact excavators. The excavators’ newly shaped backfill blades fit into tight spaces while providing additional machine stability and higher visibility. The ZX75US-3 has a standard boom, while the ZX85USB-3’s swing boom enables parallel digging to walls, guardrails and foundations. Turbo-charged Isuzu 4LE2X engines power the excavators, as well as Hitachi’s HIOS III hydraulic systems. Two engine modes – economy or standard – can be selected to match engine rpm to the operating conditions and application.

Telehandler easily lifts up to 7,500 pounds
Manitou’s MLT 735 multi-purpose telehandler replaces the previous MLT 634 and MLT 741 units with a maximum lift height of 22 feet 6 inches and a maximum forward reach of 12 feet 9 inches. The MLT 735 combines standard features and new ones, such as a Perkins Tier 3 engine with B20 biodiesel compatibility, an Evolution cab with an upgraded air conditioning system, work lights, and a new paint and decal scheme. For improved ergonomics, the telehandler offers an armrest-mounted joystick switch, proportional roller switches for boom extension/retraction and auxiliary hydraulics, and a rocker switch to control the direction of travel.

Reversible hammers increase grinder’s cutting life
Vermeer’s HG4000TX self-propelled horizontal grinder maneuvers around landclearing, compost and forest-thinning jobsites without the need of additional support equipment. A 440-horsepower diesel engine powers the duplex drum, which includes eight hammers and 16 cutters. The reversible hammers and cutter blocks last nearly twice as long as single-sided designs, according to the company. Top-loading screens offer easy access and a removable anvil allows for convenient maintenance or replacement. When engine rpm drops below an efficient operating range, the SmartGrind feature can stop or reverse material being fed into the hammermill. A 48-inch-wide single discharge V-cleat belt transfers processed material from the belly of the machine to the end load.

Lightweight crane first in its class to offer radio remote control
Stellar Industries’ EC3200 electric/hydraulic telescopic crane has an 11,500-foot-pound rating, 15 feet of reach and a lift capacity of 3,200 pounds. The crane stows to less than 8 feet in length and has a low stow height of only 24 inches. The EC3200 mounts on a body with 14- or 20-inch-deep compartments. Other features include Double Boom design, an all steel gear bearing rotation system, integral rotation stop and cylinders and a standard radio remote control.

Truck body includes rear and side dumping capabilities
Truck Bodies and Equipment International’s Rugby Eliminator-MD offers multi-directional dumping ability. Dump from either the driver or passenger’s side, and the opposite side will feature a useful, fold-down side for easy loading with a forklift. The Eliminator-MD includes the Ez-Latch system for a reliable tailgate release mechanism and the Eliminator body design with vertical side and tailgate bracing.

Jackhammer lift produces 350 pounds of lifting force
Integrated Tool Solutions’ JA90-350 jackhammer lift assist can be actuated with every cut to allow the operator more control and ease of use while running a jackhammer. The ergonomically designed JA90-350 reduces operator stress and fatigue to help lessen the risk of injuries and improve job productivity. The aluminum-constructed body weighs only nine pounds and conforms to 90 percent of 4-bolt, 2-spring 90-pound jackhammers.

Vibratory plate compactor achieves compaction depths up to 18 inches
Doosan Infracore Portable Power’s Ingersoll Rand BXR-60H and BXR-200H vibratory plate compactors offer performance that maximizes productivity in graded aggregates, sand and mixed soils. The reversing feature allows the operator to change direction with a single lever and permits entering confined work areas. Shock mounts positioned near the engine alleviate handle vibration. The BXR-60H offers 3,417 pounds centrifugal force and compaction depths up to 13 inches. The BXR-200H delivers 7,053 pounds of force with a plate size of 18 by 29 inches for compaction depths of 18 inches.

Rock/soil screener adjusts to sift various sized material
Cherrington’s Model 4500 Rock Screener for seedbed preparation has single source screen oscillation for improved screening performance. The sifting screen exciter reduces moving parts and machine maintenance by employing what the company describes as an intense but almost undetectable movement to the sifting screen. The Model 4500 does more than pick rocks off the surface. It lifts a layer of topsoil 1 to 4 inches deep onto the sifting screen, retaining all rock, roots and stones larger than the chosen and quickly changeable screen hole size. Screen sizes are available for sifting materials from 1/2 to 1 / inch.

Compact laser rapidly determines indoor measurements
Leica Geosystems’ pocket-sized DISTO D2 laser meter measures distances, calculates area, volume and hard to reach areas using indirect functions at the touch of a button for fast, reliable results. The DISTO D2 includes a soft grip, flip out end piece and shortcut keys for addition, subtraction, area and volume, and simple Pythagoras (indirect) and handy functions, such as the ability to stake out positions using equal distances. The compact unit measures 4.37 by 1.65 by 0.91 inches.

Universal cart improves cut-off machines’ versatility
Designed for use with the TS 400, TS 410, TS 420, TS 700 and TS 800 Stihl Cutquik cut-off machine, the Stihl Cutquik cart improves handling and cutting performance with a forward-weight orientation and a quick connect system. The universal cart allows the cut-off machines to be quickly and easily removed without tools, for handheld use or transport. Especially useful when making long, straight cuts like expansion joints or squaring off edges in asphalt, the cart comes standard with high impact resistant wheels, a handle-mounted depth lever for depth control, adjustable handle bars and a large rubber dust guard to protect the operator from flying debris.

Engine-driven welders get an extra shot of horsepower
Lincoln Electric’s Ranger line of engine-driven welders now have an additional 1 to 5 horsepower and higher generator power ratings for welding. With 200 to 300 amps of welding power capability and 9,000 to 11,000 watts of AC generator power, the Rangers deliver a high-output, smooth arc for a variety of welding processes, including stick, TIG, MIG, flux-cored and pipe welding, as well as arc gouging. The Ranger 10,000, 3-Phase and GXT offer professional AC and DC stick welding, while the Ranger 250, 250 LPG, 305G and 305D allow multi-process arc performance. Several of the models come with an enclosed case for additional engine protection and lower noise.

Achieve maximum efficiency during fine or rough grading operations
Komatsu’s D37EX-22 and D37PX-22 crawler dozers provide smooth, agile movement when dozing, even in gradual turns. Large power angle tilt blades with 2.32 to 2.55 cubic yards of capacity allow the dozers to gather more material quickly. Standard features include hydrostatic transmissions, 3.26-liter Tier 3 Komatsu SAAD95LE-5 engines and 89 horsepower at 2,200 rpm. With 88 inches of track, both standard (EX) and low ground pressure (PX) models offer weight distribution and flotation options to match operators’ applications. The dozers also include Komtrax fleet monitoring technology.

Mini track loaders fit into constrained areas and limit turf damage
Bobcat’s B-Series MT52 and MT55 mini track loaders have features to improve operator safety, comfort and machine durability, while meeting the latest emission requirements with Tier 4 engines. Included as a new safety feature on the directional control handle, the auxiliary hydraulic continuous flow shutoff lever ceases attachment operation once the lever has been released, and resumes work when you grip the lever again. Adjustable tilt steering on the directional control handle improves operator comfort, no matter the user’s height. The ride-on platform decreases operator fatigue and is removable to provide better access to tight jobsites.