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Skyjack, Booth B-958 (also in Gold Lot, Booth G-300)
Telescopic boom offers axle based four-wheel drive jib

Skyjack will showcase its 66-foot tall SJ 66T telescopic boom with a jib featuring axle-based four-wheel drive, direction sensing drive and steer controls. A 61-foot version without a jib, the SJ 61T, is also available.

Asphalt Zipper, Booth C-4070
High powered loader attachment increases productivity

Asphalt Zipper’s AZ-550 full-depth reclamation attachment comes with a 230-horsepower Cummins turbo diesel and produces 695 foot-pounds of torque. An oil cooled planetary gearbox improves production on heavier projects in up to 12-inch-thick cutting depths.

Bandit Industries, Booth C-7355
Grinder available in several horsepower options

Grind whole trees and stumps with Bandit Industries’ Model 3680 Beast Recycler. The 3680’s engine options range from 385 to 700 horsepower to grind a variety of materials, including stumps, logs, logging slash, construction debris, pallets and more.

Can American Stone Spreader, Booth C-4547
Spreader extends materials up to 100 feet

Can American Stone Spreader’s Soil King stone spreader allows a truck to haul and spread materials at distances of up to 100 feet. The Soil King can unload aggregates, topsoil, sand, bark and wood chips, salt, fertilizer and several other materials. Applicable markets include trucking, ready mix operations, forming and landscaping.

Honda Power Equipment, Booth C-7277
Portable water pumps handle residential or commercial jobs

Honda Power Equipment offers a line of portable water pumps for construction, agricultural, rental and residential applications. The pumps are available in four different types, including general purpose, construction, multi-purpose and a submersible series. The construction (or trash) pumps can be used to pump water contaminated with sticks, leaves, stones and other waste materials, while the submersible pumps handle a wide range of residential and commercial sump applications. All 15 gasoline-powered pumps have Honda GX series overhead-valve commercial grade engines or easy-start mini four-stroke engines.

McLaughlin, Booth C-7474
Air-water combo vacuum unit mounts to trailer

McLaughlin’s trailer-mounted combination air/water vacuum excavator provides contractors with the advantages of both systems in one package for potholing utilities. A power pack added to the McLaughlin 500-, 800- and 12,000-gallon units make the combination possible. Powered by an 85-horsepower, turbocharged Kubota diesel engine, the 150 cfm-rotary compressor and a 3,000-psi water system enable safe soil removal. Water pressure reduces to 1,500 psi using either a four-jet reduction tool or a “wobble” nozzle digging tool. The unit’s three-stage filtration system with micro-poly filter eliminates bag houses.

Multiquip, Booth C-4529
Rechargeable welder runs off battery pack or power unit

Powered by five 12-volt rechargeable batteries, Multiquip’s BDW180MC 180-amp welder recharges itself during operation and can run off the battery pack or while plugged into a standard 120-volt receptacle. The compact unit weighs 129 pounds and produces no emissions, making it suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Okada America, Booth C-4332
Pulverizers feature maximum jaw openings and oversized cylinders

Okada America now offers secondary crushing attachments for carriers ranging from 6 to 50 metric tons. The OSC pulverizers handle tough concrete recycling applications with an internal speed valve. The units can crush oversized concrete, as well as remove and cut rebar, all while operating with higher flows and pressures than that of today’s excavators.

RMT Equipment, Booth C-6125
On-board scale technology now available for compact machines

The same on-board scale technology used to keep accurate weight measures of larger loaders is now an option for smaller machines. VEI’s Helper Mini, available through RMT Equipment, provides small wheel loader and skid steer users with immediate feedback regarding weight and other information during loading and beyond. The Helper Mini’s technology works with the machine to detail an accurate weight of each bucketful of material. Up to 20 different materials – along with their properties – can be stored into the mini’s memory, so each time a user loads material into the bucket, the scale can recall the amount based on its weight. Users can also track other information each time a load goes out, such as project ID and product name.

Roadtec, Booth C-5357
Cold planer’s cutting housing material evacuation improved

Powered by a 325-horsepower Caterpillar C9 ACERT engine, Roadtec’s RX-400 4-foot cold planer allows contractors to cut as narrow as 26 inches at an operating speed of 172 feet per minute. Improved evacuation of material from the cutter housing allows users to achieve cutting depths up to 12.5 inches, even in clog-prone, loose material. The conveyor and cutter housing design of the RX-400 solves the significant tooth and tooth holder wear problem that can be encountered with other designs.

Vermeer, Booth C-7301
Horizontal directional drill delivers 16,000 pounds of force

Powered by a 63-horsepower Kubota diesel engine, Vermeer’s D16x20 Series II Navigator horizontal directional drill provides 16,000 pounds of thrust pullback force and 2,000 foot-pounds of torque. For added control in varying soil conditions, the standard AutoDrill function allows the operator to set rotation, thrust and pullback pressure. The drill then adjusts bore and pullback speeds as it works through the bore. Sliding tracks adjust outward for improved stability in uneven terrain. When returned to inward position, the drill has a compact footprint.

Ashland Industries, Booth N-2269
Scraper attachment allows 38 degrees of rotation

Ashland Industries’ Ground Hog 2500 scraper attachment moves three to four times the payload of traditional buckets, while tackling the extra weight with ease. When combined with compact power units, the 2.5-cubic-yard heaped capacity Ground Hog 2500 delivers the reliability of a small self-propelled tracked earthmover and the maneuverability of a skid steer – all with reduced mobilization costs. Designed for use with 70-plus horsepower compact track loaders or steel-tracked skid steers, the Ground Hog uses its power unit for traction and hydraulics only, as its oscillating front beam and large caster shoulder most of the weight while minimizing stress to the loader arms.

Bandag, Booth N-2301
Retread materials available for variety of equipment

Bandag will display several of its Continuum Brand OTR Retread Materials in the Bridgestone Firestone booth. Continuum retread tire designs, supplied through off-the-road retreaders, can be used on a wide variety of equipment in the construction, mining, logging, utility and marine port industries.

Bridgestone Firestone North America, Booth N-2301
Wide base radial presents greater traction for heavy-duty hauls

Bridgestone Firestone’s L315 aggressive traction on/off-highway wide base radial has been engineered for long mileage, enhanced traction and flotation. The L315 suits jobs where greater traction is required, and was created for axles carrying heavy loads, such as cement mixers with front-wheel or all-wheel drive. The tire’s lug tread and open shoulder design allow hundreds of biting edges to dig into soft surfaces, such as mud or gravel. The wide base distributes pressure for flotation and enables a payload of up to 12,300 pounds at 120 psi.

Case Construction Equipment, Booth N-1609
Skid-steer loaders receive engine upgrades

Case’s 400 Series 3 line of skid-steer loaders feature horsepower increases ranging from 57 to 83 and Tier 3 certified engines. ISM 2.2-liter turbocharged engines power the 410 Series, and the 420, 430, 435 and 445 Series 3 machines have Case 3.2-liter turbocharged engines. The 440, 450 and 465 are equipped with 4.5-liter turbocharged Case engines. All the engines provide improved torque, which increased performance across the line. The Case Series 3 cabs saw a 7 percent increase in headroom and 6 percent increase in lap-bar width, as well as improved forward, side, rear and overhead visibility. Now standard foot throttles allow operators to easily control rpm.

Caterpillar, Booth N-2007 (Also in Gold Lot, Booth G-140 and South Hall, Booth S-15927)
Loader’s in-cab display monitors machine performance

Caterpillar’s 938H wheel loader and IT38H with integrated toolcarrier linkage have Cat C6.6 engines with ACERT technology for responsive power and low emissions. The new engine, differential lock system, load-sensing hydraulics and increased lift and tilt forces deliver high performance in digging and material handling applications, while limiting engine emissions. The loaders also have features to aid machine health monitoring and service. An in-cab messenger display provides real time machine performance, engine and diagnostic data to maximize productivity and component life. The hydraulic and electrical service centers group service points and offer easy access from ground level to limit service downtime.

Hitachi Construction Products, Booth N-1541
Larger cabs improve excavators’ visibility and comfort

Hitachi will showcase its new reduced-tail-swing Zaxis 135US-3 and the new Zaxis 220W-3 wheeled excavator, equipped with a wrist attachment. The ZX135US-3 replaces the 135US, and incorporates Tier 3 emissions standards, a larger CRES II cab with a wider seatback and more glass on the right hand side for improved visibility. Low-effort, short-throw levers offer ease of use and reduce operator fatigue. The ZX220W-3 also has a Tier 3 engine and comes with wheels instead of tracks. The pavement-friendly excavator has increased travel speed, greater acceleration performance and the oscillation angle of the axles has been widened for a smoother ride.

IHI/Compact Excavator Sales, Booth N-2801
Compact track loader supplies 6,474 pounds of breakout force

IHI/CES’ CL35 compact track loader features an operating weight of 7,826 pounds, a 67-horsepower Yanmar engine and a tipping load of 4,620 pounds. The CL35 supplies breakout forces of 6,474 pounds and has a quick-attach mounting bracket for existing buckets and attachments.

Komatsu America, Booth N-1009
Mid-sized dozers provide greater stability

Komatsu America introduces the D51EX-22 and D51PX-22 crawler dozers for work in construction, site preparation, home building, forestry, utility and quarry applications. These mid-sized machines are outfitted with Komatsu’s 6.69-liter, Tier-3 engine, which produces 130 horsepower at 2,200 rpm. The D51 steering system delivers smooth movement when dozing and permits the machine to approach objects accurately in corner grading and sidewall operations. The dozers’ large power-angle-tilt blades have capacities of 3.5 to 3.8 cubic yards.

Lincoln Automatic Lubrication Systems, N-1400
Pump and reel kit allows fast machine lubrication

Lincoln’s Reel-N-Flow Pump and Reel Kit meets the demands of off-road equipment lubrication and increases equipment life. Easily used as a lube truck for other equipment on the jobsite, the Reel-N-Flow kit reduces daily manual lubrication time by half. Its 24-volt DC electric operation makes installation simple. The kit features high-pressure, high-flow capabilities up to 6,000 psi to overcome tight pins/bushings or blocked lube points and to deliver grease in extreme temperatures.

Sneller Machine, Booth N-1903
Stump mill grinds up to six acres a day

Clear up to six acres per day with the Sneller Stump Mill, available with 170 or 275 horsepower. This excavator-mounted stump grinder chases roots as deep as necessary using a patented tooth and wheel design. The self-powered, non-hydraulic mill features a triple sealed lower bearing system to increase cutter wheel bearing life up to 7,000 hours.

Yanmar, Booth N-2159
No overhang in tight quarters

Yanmar’s variable gauge Vi017 compact excavator achieves true zero tail swing with no overhang – even on jobs completely against a wall. Three-pump hydraulics replace the previous model’s two-pump system to supply additional power and smoother operation while using the boom and/or arm. The excavator’s horsepower has an operating weight of 3,836 pounds and a dig depth of 7 feet 7 inches. Variable tracks allow narrow access at 3 feet 1 inch and expand to 3 feet 11 inches for more stability. Horsepower has also increased from 11.9 to 13.5.

ASV, Booth S-11139
Rubber track loader grips ground with minimal disturbance

ASV’s new high performance PT-60 rubber track loader delivers substantial traction with the low ground disturbance necessary for many construction, landscaping utility and private owner applications. The PT-60 features a Posi-Track suspended undercarriage, two-speed drive motors and a front mounted quick-attach interface for attachment versatility. Users can choose between general purpose, turf (smooth) or extreme terrain track options.

FW Murphy, Booth S-16639
MurphyLink display monitors engine, indicates GPS data

FW Murphy’s PowerView 1000 display for J1939 monitors provides a single, unified view of the engine, transmission and powertrain, plus GPS data, within a large VGA LCD flatscreen with rich full-color graphics. The new version of PowerView has improvements to the interface, such as a GPS grid map with waypoint screen, custom equipment screens and an engine configuration area. Additional maintenance tools have also been added.

Gates Corporation, Booth S-13513
Coupling eliminates nut cracking, seat damage and fluid leaks

Gates Corporation’s new Full-Torque Nut coupling increases productivity and uptime by eliminating nut cracking that can occur during installation of high-pressure, wire-braid hydraulic hose assemblies. The Full-Torque Nut design comes standard on Gates MegaCrimp couplings for wire braid hoses and GlobalSpiral couplings for spiral wire hoses. Stronger and more durable than traditional staked nut couplings, the Full-Torque Nut coupling features a large, smooth holding shoulder that evenly distributes stress forces at the nut.

Goodall Manufacturing, Booth S-11332
Power equipment service units come in compact package

Goodall Manufacturing’s Power Centers and Start All units provide power equipment for service vehicles by integrating jump starting, air compressors, AC generators and DC welders in one compact package. Various configurations are available to meet specific meet specific customer needs as well as to conserve space and limit additional weight on the vehicle.

HAWE Hydraulics, Booth S-14249
Fully integrated valve solutions offer flexibility for mobile applications

HAWE Hydraulics plans to showcase its entire line of hydraulic components for mobile applications. The modular product offering contains several components that deliver precision control, whether alone or together as a complete system. These include variable displacement axial piston pumps, proportional directional spool valves, over-center valves and programmable logical valve controls. All are made of steel and handle pressures up to 6,000 psi.

John Deere Power Systems, Booth S-17213
Low horsepower engines meet advance emissions regulations

John Deere Power Systems’ PowerTech M2.4 liter and E2.4 liter engines under 75 horsepower are all Tier 4 and Stage 3 A compliant. PowerTech M 2.4 liter engines feature two-valve cylinder heads, fixed-geometry turbochargers, mechanical unit pump fuel systems, 500-hour oil changes and turbocharged aspirations. The E 2.4 liter engines include electronic engine controls, two-valve cylinder heads, fixed-geometry turbochargers, 500-hour oil change intervals and air-to-air after cooled aspirations.

Leica Geosystems, Booth S-16805
Layout and measurement tool withstands wind, weather and dirt

Leica Geosystems’ Builder RM Power Model offers multi-mode Electronic Distance Measurement, a mobile phone style keypad and built-in Leica PowerSite Software for faster and easier construction layout and measurement. Simply aim and shoot to difficult targets such as wall corners, remote steel or concrete structures for fast, accurate layouts and measurements. Graphical elements guide the user through all operations.

Maverick Hammers, Booth S-11715
Hydraulic hammer operates at pressures of up to 2,465 psi

Maverick Hammers’ HSP Series Model 3250 hydraulic hammer delivers 2,500 foot-pounds of energy and has an operating weight of 1,755 pounds. The 3250 impacts at a rate of 400 to 700 spm and maintains an operating pressure of 2,175 to 2,465 psi. It has a tool diameter of 3.9 inches and a carrier weight of 22,000 to 38,000 pounds.

McNeilus, Booth S-8007
Mixer drum features refined interior for less buildup

McNeilus’ updated Revolution mixer drum now features a more resilient and refined interior wear surface to prevent concrete buildup. Water channels have also been added throughout the spirals to further avoid buildup. A tougher drum surface increases the drum’s longevity.

Reynolds International Equipment, Booth S-9352
Scrapers tackle earthmoving and laser land leveling

Reynolds offers more than 40 pull-type scraper models in varying capacities from 8 to 26 yards. In tandem, Reynolds Model 20E12.5 offers 40 cubic yards of capacity to suit laser land leveling economically, efficiently and quickly. The scrapers tackle most earthmoving applications, including site preparation, land reclamation, airport construction, mining operations and residential and commercial land development. No support equipment is necessary.

Safety Vision, Booth S-9608
Camera system helps operators avoid collisions

Designed for rugged duty, Safety Vision’s collision avoidance camera systems give operators an unobstructed view of vehicle or equipment surroundings, reducing the potential for accidents or injuries. Live video from color or black-and-white cameras feed to an in-cab monitor. The mobile-rated cameras feature audio, which allows personnel outside the vehicle to communicate potential dangers to the operator.

Schroeder Industries, Booth S-13105
Broad range filter withstands pressures up to 230 psi

Schroeder Industries’ new SC Mini self-cleaning filter separates particles from low viscous fluids and offers fully automatic operation with virtually no filter maintenance required. The compact, 2-foot-high filter withstands working pressures of up to 230 psi and has a flow range of 10 to 60 gallons per minute. The SC Mini also has conical wedgewire elements for optimal filtration and backflushing, making it useful for parts washers, float ring seals, heat exchangers, cooling water circuits, UV polishing systems and the recirculation of machine coolant.

Iowa Mold Tooling, Booth S-813
Mechanics bodies available with hydraulic cranes and air compressors

The Dodge Ram 3500, 4500 and 5500 chassis, as well as the Sterling Bullet chassis, now have integrated IMT hydraulic cranes and air compressors as an option. IMT has been selling Dominator DSC20 and Dominator I service bodies with electric telescopic cranes since 2007. Electric cranes suit fairly light lifting and duty cycle needs. But customers who require more than 6,000-pounds lifting capacity or frequent crane use will find the hydraulic version more capable. IMT integrated engine high-idle operation and remote start/stop for use with hydraulic cranes and air compressors, as opposed to electrical integration.

Kalyn Siebert, Booth S-19315
13-axle heavy transport trailer equalizes loads at each axle

Kalyn Siebert, subsidiary of Heil Trailer International, offers a 13-axle heavy transport trailer for safely hauling larger loads. The Siebert line includes scraper style goosenecks with enhanced stability and Booster pivot points for proper tracking while being pulled around curves. The pivot point is located as far back as possible, unlike others that trail to the inside, occasionally pushing the trailer to the point of turning over. The trailers also have West Coast suspension types to assure equalization of loads at each axle. The horizontal four-pin design allows deck and rear sections to be shimmed to adjust ground clearance.

Miniveyor Systems, Silver Lot #4
Portable conveyor moves up to 50 tons of material per hour

The Miniveyor portable conveyor from Miniveyor Systems offers a flexible solution for the rapid deployment of a temporary conveyor system. The wider Miniveyor or the narrower unit can move 25 to 50 tons per hour. Only 7 inches high and capable of operating on the ground, this conveyor system is meant to excavate below grade, through windows or in other restricted areas. The durable design includes an aircraft grade aluminum frame and solid stainless steel slide bed. Reversible belts and foam cores add strength while saving weight.

MBB-Palfinger, Booth S-610
Liftgate allows for safer operation on low bed trucks

Palfinger’s newly acquired MBB Liftsystems and its subsidiary Interlift will showcase their corrosion resistant ILK-22 Compact Cantilever Liftgate for concrete cutting. The ILK-22’s compact construction allows for larger platform sizes and safer operation on low bed height trucks. Created to serve as the liftgate, rear door and adjustable dock plate, the ILK-22 withstands hard labor under severe conditions. A plug-in control system offers state-of-the-art operation, improved reliability and faster installation times.

Superior Industries, Booth S-670
Conveyor capable of stacking almost 40,000 tons

Superior Industries’ portable Pinnacle radial stacking conveyor, manufactured with set back axles and a higher incline, creates much larger stockpiles than standard stackers. Pinnacle conveyors come in 80-, 100- and 125-foot lengths and have the ability to pile almost 40,000 tons of material. The conveyors have a swing axle, patented FD axle or telescoping tube axle and are available in belt widths of 30 to 42 inches.

Bobcat, Booth G-100
Track loader’s roller suspension system provides smoother ride

Bobcat’s T320 compact track loader provides a smooth ride with its new roller suspension system. Rollers suspended by high-strength steel leaf springs reduce vibration. Operator comfort has also been improved by requiring less steering lever effort to turn the loader. To make the T320 easier to turn, Bobcat raised the track idlers on the suspension system. An increase in the space around the drive sprocket allows better cleaning and the undercarriage design enhances debris shedding when working in muddy conditions. Clean out holes have been added to the enclosed undercarriage as well to allow access for pressure washers.

Doosan Infracore Portable Power, Booth G-130
Security system remotely monitors equipment

Doosan Infracore Portable Power’s MVS-6 Mobile Security System offers a portable, rugged and compact security solution to monitor and record images. The fully self-contained, self-powered unit is vandal resistant and comes standard with automatic start/stop lighting. A hybrid power system provides more than six months of uninterrupted remote operation. Operator interface software connects the user to an onboard camera and digital video recorder via a wireless connection to remotely control pan/tilt/zoom functions of the camera in real time and review recorded video. Users can also remotely monitor multiple units concurrently.

Genie, Booth G-200
Telehandlers maneuver easily with three steering modes

Genie’s redesigned GTH-1048 and GTH-1056 rough terrain telehandlers maneuver easily in tight spaces without compromising reach and lift capacity. Whether needed to lift or set materials around a worksite, both machines can move heavy loads, such as steel and bricks, with a maximum lift capacity of up to 10,000 pounds. The GTH-1048 has 31 feet of outreach and can lift 6,000 pounds to 48 feet, while the GTH-1056 features an outreach of 40 feet and lifts 4,000 pounds to 56 feet. Three different steering modes – crab, coordinated and front wheel – come standard on both models.

Kobelco Construction Machinery North America, Booth G-120
Excavator delivers powerful bucket and drawbar pull forces

Kobelco’s SK850 Super Acera excavator offers nearly twice the breakout force as the company’s next size model, the SK485. Powered by a 496-horsepower diesel engine, the SK850 offers precision digging, fine grading and leveling with an Intelligent Total Control System. Four standard working modes match the required application and ground level accessibility helps make it easier for the user to complete routine daily maintenance.

FAE, Booth G-290
Mulcher avoids downtime with automated data transmission system

Primetech’s PT-Gator 350 uses a heavy-duty FAE mulcher and a 350-horsepower Caterpillar C9 ACERT engine to perform multiple applications, including land clearing, land reclamation, fire breaks and more. The Gator offers ground clearance of 21 inches and a cutting width of 85 inches. The undercarriage features oscillating tracks with roller and sprocket protection and an overall length of 163 inches. The mulcher’s automated wireless data transmission system – the SMS Report – communicates the machine’s operational status to the user in real time to ensure effective vehicle management.

Manitou North America, Booth G-195
Rough terrain telehandler lifts up to 46,000 pounds

Manitou North America’s newest heavy telescopic range handler, the MHT 10210, has a 46,000-pound lift capacity at a 36-inch load center. A 175-horsepower Tier 3 Mercedes intercooled turbo diesel powers the model. The MHT 10210 provides a lift height of 31 feet 8 inches and a forward reach of 19 feet. The telehandler also has a 28,600-pound capacity at its maximum height and an 11,000-pound capacity at maximum forward reach.

New Holland Construction, Booth G-120
Telehandlers’ low-boom design allows 360-degree visibility

New Holland’s M-Series Telehandler line features a low-boom design for 360-degree visibility. The M427, M428 and M459 all have four-wheel drive and three-mode steering for enhanced traction and maneuverability on the jobsite. Engines are located on the side for easy serviceability. Maximum lift capacity ratings range from 6,600 to 8,000 and 9,000 pounds on the M427, M428 and M459, respectively.

Terex Pegson, Booth G-200
Track mounted crushers range in size to fit recycling applications

Terex Pegson will display three new crushers, including the large XA750 jaw, the XV350 vertical shaft impactor and the XH250 horizontal impactor at its booth. The XA750 fits larger quarry and recycling applications, using a modular design for maximum capacity and a hopper/feeder section with removable, live pre-screen for easy transport. The XH250 suits smaller recycling and quarry applications and has an underpan feeder for main-belt protection and a hydraulically raised/lowered conveyor.

Werk-Brau, Booth G-387
Heavy-duty excavator bucket digs through rock and tough clay

Composed of T-1 steel and backed by a heavy reinforcing plate with AR400 high abrasion resistant wear straps to protect the bottom, Werk-Brau’s heavy-duty excavator bucket is capable of the prying and digging required to excavate solid rock as well as extremely tough clay. Side wear plates reinforce the sides for backfilling. Werk-Brau buckets can be equipped with any industry standard tooth configuration for extra durability and custom tooth configurations are available.

Dust Control Technology, Booth GP-50034
Dust suppression fan uses water microns to blanket 21,000 square feet

Dust Control Technology’s larger DustBoss DB-60 and compact DustBoss DB-30 ducted fans optimize particle size and velocity for dust capture and control. The DB-60 throws water more than 200 feet and blankets a 21,000 square foot area with droplets 50 to 200 microns in size. A series of 30 brass nozzles atomize the water, which is then launched by a 25-horsepower fan to generate 30,000 cfm. Equipped with a 10-horsepower booster pump, the DB-60 has an adjustable throw angle from 0 to 50 degrees and an oscillating head that delivers 40 degrees of motion for full coverage.

Clincha Pty Ltd., Booth GP-50416
Fastener wraps around rebar automatically to secure

The Clincha, a new automatic rebar fastener, can fasten rebar at a rate of one per second. The machine uses Clinchas, a fastener that wraps around the rebar automatically, securing it. There is no bending over, thus mitigating back, hip and wrist injuries.

DPL America, Booth GP-50217
Equipment monitoring system sends owners real time notifications

DPL America’s Titan Equipment Monitoring System allows equipment owners to remotely shut down their machines, wirelessly locate them via GPS, collect hour meter readings and track hour based service intervals. Owners can track use and productivity via performance metrics including run time, idle time, roll time and load counting. The system delivers real time notifications to the owner indicating unauthorized use, service due, inactivity, low battery power or a threatening machine condition.