Safety gate maker offers discount to American companies

FabEnCo, a manufacturer of self-closing safety gates, announced June 7 the launch of a “Support America” campaign that will offer discounts to companies that create jobs within the United States.

The company will give a 10 percent discount off the price of any safety gate to contractors, manufacturers or construction companies that have the gates shipped to projects within the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. The program will run until Dec. 31.

David LaCook, CEO of FabEnCo, said a strong manufacturing base is vitally important to the long-term economic security of the nation.

“American manufacturers must work together to prevent the further erosion of job opportunities available to American workers,” LaCook said. “We hope that others will follow with their own unique programs.”

FabEnCo safety gates are self-closing fall protection devices that prevent accidents over unprotected openings such as ladders, platforms, stairs, catwalks, mezzanines and machine guarding. On construction sites, the gates can be used to section off unsafe areas or unfinished stairwells. The gates, which are available in galvanized steel, aluminum and stainless steel, are force-tested for up to 300 pounds. The gates can be mounted onto pipe posts or angle posts, and come with both types of mounting hardware.

To find out more about the “Support America” program, click on the link to the right.