New center trains contractors on HammerHead Trenchless products

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HammerHead University has opened to train contractors, plumbers, project engineers, utility companies and municipal crews on the HammerHead Trenchless product line.

The company says its new learning center, which teaches advanced trenchless methods and technology, recently provided three days of hands-on, guided instruction at its 5,000-square-foot location in Lake Mills, Wisconsin.

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Courses are offered in pipe ramming, pipe bursting and pipe slitting methods; lateral and vertical cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) cleaning, preparation and rehabilitation; and pipe and culvert spot repair.

“We simulate real-life applications, replicating situations that put participants inside a house or a manhole on a street,” says Jeff Urbanski, HammerHead training and technical services manager. “But taking away the soil, watery ground conditions and confined entries in their first experience with the method results in more consistently repeatable performance over a wide range of worksite conditions.”

The controlled environment makes it safer for gaining experience before applying techniques in the field, he adds.

hammerhead university trainingInstructors can set a variety of variables for students, including cobbled soils and flooded pits. The teaching staff consists of experienced former plumbers, equipment specialists and field technicians.

Courses are held year-round. The company is also developing an e-learning program to provide continuing education units for its courses.

“In association with our courses, students will be able to go online and for a small fee take a pass-fail course to receive certification that applies specifically to their state or a given municipality if it’s governed by specific guidance,” Urbanski says. “Certification will be annually renewable.”

Class size averages five students. The center’s demonstration area can accommodate 18 participants in up to eight separate application stations. Larger classes can be held in the conference room.

For more information dial, 920-648-4848 or visit the HammerHead website.