New Crane Industry Services evaluation identifies operator strengths, weaknesses

Marcia Doyle Headshot
Updated Jan 9, 2018

Crane Industry Services (CIS) has introduced its Qualified Crane Operator Evaluations (QCOE) process, which it says identifies “specific operator strengths and skills that need to be improved.”

Using the QCOE process, an employer will see where its crane supervisors and operators’ knowledge and skills are strongest, and what areas need additional training or experience. CIS says the service is designed to lower “costs and hassles associated with certification testing.”

Sample QCOE results tracking an individual’s record from novice to qualified operator.Sample QCOE results tracking an individual’s record from novice to qualified operator.

The company will travel to company locations to conduct tests and document each operator’s qualification. Exercises, written tests and practical examples are used to evaluate each employee. The company has more than 200 exercises, many of which can be performed on a simulator, designed to demonstrate crane and lifting equipment operation skills. CIS tracks each operator, maintains records and makes recommendations how an employer can improve an operator’s skills.

The QCOE helps employers “fulfill the ’employer duty’ to provide documentation to OSHA regarding qualification of operators, but the main benefit is safer, higher quality work,” says Debbie Dickinson, CEO of CIS.


Example of a QCOE skills evaluation report.Example of a QCOE skills evaluation report.