Turner Mining Group Finds Such Success with Hiring, It Starts a Staffing Agency

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Turner Mining Group

When a contractor expands into a new line of business, one would assume it's adding a complementary service like concrete or utilities into the mix.

But Turner Mining Group, a five-year-old mining contractor based in Bloomington, Indiana, sees it a bit differently. It views its strong internal hiring results as a complementary service for the industry. So much so that it's starting a new standalone recruiting and staffing business, Turner Staffing Group.

The mission of the new company is to help solve the industry’s greatest challenge: connecting skilled professionals with the top aggregate, mineral and metal producers across the United States. Services may expand to construction or other blue-collar industries in the future, the company says.

“How does our industry get and keep more people? That’s the driving force behind every decision we make at Turner Staffing Group. This industry needs a people rebuild,” says Thomas Haun, president of Turner Staffing Group. “Right now, we’re recycling old habits from company to company. We must break that cycle. Turner Staffing Group is in the perfect position to do something different, something our industry hasn’t seen yet. Our people, our culture, your site – that’s how we connect new talent to opportunities.”

Keaton Turner, president and CEO of Turner Mining Group, elaborated on the new company adding, “We owe every ounce of early success at Turner Mining Group to our people, the engine that continues to drive our growth. No one understands that deeper or believes it more than Thomas Haun. As our COO since 2018, Thomas has played a critical role in the way we developed industry-leading processes for recruiting, training and retaining some of the top mining talent in the United States. Through Turner Staffing Group, we expand the impact of our mission, leveraging our experience to offer a solution to an industry-wide problem.”

So, how does Turner Staffing Group help bridge the gap for companies in need of high-quality talent?

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Offering a turnkey solution to manage the entire applicant hiring process, interested companies can submit a form online to request the number of staff they need and specific positions they are looking to fill. As a nationwide firm, Turner Staffing Group has the resources to fill a single role or every open position across multiple operations.

Turner Staffing Group will search through their applicant database to find qualified candidates and manage the onboarding process and MSHA certification.

The employee is on Turner Staffing Group’s payroll but managed day-to-day by the company they are placed with, reducing overhead and mitigating risk for the client. Employees hired by Turner Staffing Group will receive the same benefits, including company-matched 401(k) and health insurance, as Turner Mining Group employees.

The approach allows talented individuals entering the industry to expand their network and experience by working with a variety of different companies on a variety of different mines in the aggregate and metals industry, the company says.

“Think of each opportunity like a tour of duty,” says Haun. “For the agreed-upon role, you have the ability to develop your skillset and progress your career. There’s even an opportunity where if you say, ‘I really like working for this company and want to stay here.' We would negotiate your direct hire or extend your project.”

Once each project ends, employees will be placed on their next assignment.

“You don’t get moved to the back of the line once your project ends,” Haun adds. “We know you. We’ve seen your abilities.  You’re part of our community. This makes us better able to find your next step.”

It is no secret that quality people are the first ingredient to a safe and efficient operation. With growing demand forecast across the industry, talent is critical for minerals and metals producers to keep up over the coming years. Turner Staffing Group offers a unique approach as an industry resource to attract, train, and properly match its employees through tailored staffing solutions.