Video: Antique Equipment Comes to Life at HCEA Show

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Updated Oct 20, 2022

Lovers of antique construction equipment from all over the country made the pilgrimage to the 36th Annual International Convention and Old Equipment Exposition last month.

They weren’t disappointed, as they witnessed restored machines from yesteryear that in many cases are among the last of their kind still running, or even in existence.

In the video above we picked out some of our favorite sights at the event, put on by the Historical Construction Equipment Association. The show rotates to different locations each year, and this year, it returned September 23-25 to the HCEA’s headquarters and museum in Bowling Green, Ohio.

The demonstrations included vintage construction equipment by Caterpillar, Allis-Chalmers, Shield Bantam, Ford, Detroit Tractor. There was also a 1918 steam tractor, a unique scoop shovel attachment for a 1956 Lorain crawler crane and an 1893 pull grader working in the dirt.

So check out the video above to catch a glimpse of what it was like in the old days on a construction site.

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In this video:

  • 0:11 – 1972 Case U.S. Marine Corps 1150 track loader
  • 1:40 – 1950s CR-35 Shield Bantam crawler crane
  • 2:12 – 1957 Ford 4000 backhoe
  • 3:00 – 1949 Detroit Tractor 44-16 pulling an 1893 grader built by Lassig Bridge & Iron Works of Chicago
  • 3:51 – Allis-Chalmers Model D motor grader
  • 4:49 – 1972 Cat D7 dozer
  • 5:48 – 1964 Cat 12E motor grader
  • 6:04 – 1947 Detroit Tractor 44-16 pulling antique scraper
  • 6:26 – Allis-Chalmers HD6 Diesel tractor pulling Allis-Chalmers scraper
  • 6:40 – 1979 Cat 631B scraper pushed by Cat D9
  • 7:25 – 1963 Clark Equipment Co./Michigan 175A wheel loader
  • 7:47 – 1956 Lorain TL25 crane with rare scoop shovel
  • 9:18 – 1918 “The Boss” Russell & Co. steam tractor