VIDEO: One ton of explosives brings down a skyscraper in 10 seconds in one of the tallest implosions ever
Wayne Grayson | February 19, 2014

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To bring down this 32-story, 381-foot tower in Frankfurt, Germany, demolitions experts drilled more than 1,500 strategically-placed holes in its side and packed them full of explosives. More than 2,000 pounds–one ton–full to be exact.

More than 10,000 people gathered to see the event, according to Deutsche Welle. It is one of the tallest buildings ever demolished with explosives in the world and the tallest in Europe. Large canisters containing 264 gallons of water were exploded as well to keep dust from spreading from the blast zone.

The result is a beautiful and fast implosion as the building sheds its exterior before crumbling into its own center. You can watch two different angles of the implosion in the videos below.

[youtube qA4MgCp0D4Q nolink]

[youtube zxr75h2qYps nolink]

Via: Gizmodo

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